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Colin Anderson

  • Medical Dictionary

    Medical Dictionary




    Medical Search is a customized Google engine specifically built to search medical-related resources. Hence, it enjoys the same advantages of a normal Google search engine - fast speed, deep search and highly relevant results. The difference between this app and a normal Google search is that...

  • Arsenal Football Cub

    Arsenal Football Cub


    All the latest news from Arsenal Football Club. All transfers news in and out of the Emirates Stadium. A great app for any Gunners fans.

  • Amazon Quick Search

    Amazon Quick Search




    An alternate way to search Easy to use widget to find products you want fast.

  • Manchester United News

    Manchester United News




    For Manchester United fans all around the world this is Manchester United News! With the app we bring you all news about your favorite club and the ongoings at at Old Trafford. This app is for Red Devil fans worldwide. Disclaimer: Please note that this app is not associated with Manchester...

  • Gift Ideas

    Gift Ideas




    The most popular products ordered as gifts online. Updated daily from online giant retailers like Amazon. You can be sure it is a great gift if thousands of others are buying the goods as gifts.

  • Motorcycle Parts

    Motorcycle Parts




    Living in the USA and looking for motorcycle parts then this app is for. Find motorcycle parts easily online at retailers like amazon.

  • Chicago Deals

    Chicago Deals




    Find daily deals local to your Zip code in the Chicago area. Install the first time to subscribe to receive specific deals to your email and then after use the app daily from your mobile device to find great deals in your area. Deals include great days out to Chicago Day Spas, Restaurants and...

  • Home Remedies

    Home Remedies




    Needing a natural cure for your problem well the Home Remedies app can help. Input your problem and see if a home remedy exists. Advice and articles about all sorts of illness' and any natural cures. Home Remedies is like having natural cures in your pocket.

  • Car Parts USA

    Car Parts USA




    Searching for Auto Car Parts for your car this app is for your. Select your make and model and year of your Auto and find items for sale. Makes searching for your Auto Parts easy.

  • Holy Bible

    Holy Bible




    Random Verses from the word of God. Get inspiration from the Gospel and Bible every time you use this app. This app is a must for Christians around the world.

  • English Premier League

    English Premier League




    Get the latest news, games and transfer gossip form the English Premiership. One of the most exciting football leagues in the world this football app keeps you update to date with the happenings on the pitch of the English Premier League (EPL).

  • Play Checkers

    Play Checkers




    Play the classic game of Checkers with you wherever you go with Checkers Game! Checkers (also known as Draughts) has been around for centuries, but it has never looked this stylish in a application this small. Take a great-looking game of checkers with you wherever you go with Checkers Game. Its...

  • Drunk and Texting

    Drunk and Texting




    Sick of sending drunken incoherent texts and be being embarrassed the next day after getting drunk - well busy drinker is for you. Busy drinker is an out of office which will reply to all messages sent to you whilst out getting loaded. Customize your message so people know you are out and put...

  • Bookworm tool

    Bookworm tool


    Search for your perfect book to buy. Search by all sorts of criteria like author, keywords and published dates. If you cannot find you book through this search app you'll probably never find it.

  • Learn your ABC

    Learn your ABC




    The ABC Learning app makes learning the alphabet and your ABC exciting and fun for kids. As well as your kids learning their ABC, their reflexes will also be tested. Try and catch the mole to get more letters of the alphabet. Download ABC Learning for fun times.

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