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  • GreenvilleCommunity Christian

    GreenvilleCommunity Christian


    Keep in constant with Pastor James D. Corbett and Greenville Community Christian Church with the GCCC app! With this app, you will gain access to the daily devotional, A Word in Season, which is written to help believers live victoriously in their Christian walk. You will also stay informed about...

  • ComF5 UK

    ComF5 UK




    Whatever Your Market, comF5 is Your Solution... comF5 is an all-in-one digital solution for your online business needs. Get access the latest online marketing tips, ideas and news direct to your mobile, as well as exclusive access to special offers and updates. A handy QR scanner is included...

  • Minister Worldwide

    Minister Worldwide


    We understand how busy your life and the lives of your congregation may be and how difficult it is to take the time to study the Bible daily. Minister Worldwide wants to help you build your church online and in a mobile environment to share God’s word with people everywhere no matter their...

  • PAYS



    After retiring at age 22, Brian Beane uses his personal and professional experiences to bring Personal and Economic empowerment to thousands all over the world. Brian Beane employs a wide range of emotions from frustration to pain to humor and even character skits to deliver his message. -...

  • South Orange Dental Center

    South Orange Dental Center


    A True Family Dental Practice Doctors Rosemond and Strachan have practiced dentistry together for 20 years. After practicing in the New York City area, South Orange became their home base in 1996. They hold education in high regard and share their dental knowledge by teaching patients the way to...

  • OhThatSkin



    Dead Sea minerals in Seacret's complete line of skin solutions can rejuvenate your face, body, and soul. This application is a place where people can connect with the Seacret opportunity and catch a vision for rekindling their dreams. The skin covers everything vital to our well being. It is...

  • Stauron International

    Stauron International


    With easy access to knowledge for the busy person who is eager to grow throughout the day and on the go - the Stauron App is your one-stop 'get strong, stay strong' site - employing an invigorating strategic process of encourage, equip, chisel and launch - whether your passion is...

  • Spotlight onThe Bay

    Spotlight onThe Bay




    Spotlight On The Bay is designed to bring fresh talent of all ages and cultures worldwide to our communities and connect through entertainment as well as provide an exciting atmosphere that can be enjoyed by all. We are committed to producing exciting performances as well as providing exposure,...

  • Empire Dance Championships

    Empire Dance Championships


    Find out the latest news on competitive ballroom dancing, catch breaking news on the Empire Dance Championships, a premier East coast event, where you will see the world’s best ballroom dancers performing before a panel of distinguished judges. You will also find the latest fashions in ballroom...

  • Fon Holloway

    Fon Holloway




    The purpose of this app is two-fold. First is to serve as business opportunity/development APP for individuals seeking to create an additional revenue source while serving others and secondly it as an information portal for individuals looking for self-development sources and to connect with...

  • Better Golf Performance

    Better Golf Performance


    The Better Golf Performance app is a complete source for all your golfing needs. Information and tips on all facets of the game including: full swings, fairway shots, driving, short game & putting, course strategy and more. Monthly video Golf Sound Bites for greater detailed tips. News and...

  • kool. Party Rentals

    kool. Party Rentals




    kool. Party Rentals specializes in event furniture rentals + illuminated décor for special events and parties. Use this kool. app to checkout our products, view our event gallery, and stay in touch with kool. kool. cool. It’s not how you spell it… It’s what you do with it!

  • Charity Christian Center

    Charity Christian Center




    Welcome to Charity Christian Center! Where Jesus is Lord and you are loved. With this app you will always be accessible to events, sermons and more! We are fulfilling our mission to build the church through evangelism and to make disciples, who impact the city, the state and the world for...

  • Ezion Fair Baptist Church

    Ezion Fair Baptist Church




    We understand how busy your life may be and how difficult it may be to take the time to study the Bible daily. Here at Ezion Fair Baptist church, we do our best to share god’s word with all people no matter their circumstances. With our app, you have the ability to participate through our prayer...

  • Living Faith

    Living Faith




    Welcome to Living Faith Christian Center, where we are reaching the world with the word of God. We believe that your experience with us will help you have victory and success in every area of your life. Take Living Faith with you wherever you go – On your mobile phone. Stay connected to your...

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