• icon dress-up free ★ icoron




    *・゜・゚+.*・゜・゚+.*・゜・゚+.*・゜・゚+.*・゜・゚+.*・゜・゚+.* \ ♡ The auspicious! 10 million downloads ♡ / It’s super simple to changeover with these cute icons! Free icon dress-up App icoron♪ *・゜・゚+.*・゜・゚+.*・゜・゚+.*・゜・゚+.*・゜・゚+.*・゜・゚+.* Have you ever thought… “This app is convenient, but the icon is not so...

  • 6.0

    Coletto calendar~Cute diary




    A white and pink calendar where you can add your appointments and take personal notes

  • Homee Slider:easy app switcher




    ※ ※ ※ Notice of cessation of app service※ ※ ※ As of December 24 2014 ""Slider"" will cease operation. We sincerely apologize to all those who have supported us over the lifetime of this app. We offer the same functionality on the home screen customization app...

  • DECOPIC,Kawaii PhotoEditingApp




    \♡ Over 27 million downloads ♡/ This ultra-popular camera app makes it easy to do cute and stylish photo editing ★ You can even use hugely popular ♡ Hello Kitty stamps. ♥ Lots of free decorations ♪ Over 500 cute stamps and frames are available for free! We are also adding decorations perfect for...





    ♥ Very popular! The no. 1 cute calendar ♥ Has appeared many times in fashion magazines and in the media! A calendar app used by 4 million people ★ Just stick the stamps on! Manage your plans in a simple and fun way♪ +.゚ *:.+.゚ *:.+.゚ *:.+.゚ *:.+.゚ *:.+.゚ *: We have provided a selection of...

  • Menstruation Calendar ♪ Selene




    ♥ Number one easy-to-use * menstrual period prediction application ♥ Record the first day of your period with only one touch! Predict accurately the period date ・ovulation date ・possible conception date. ★彡 Predict your period easily with ease. ♪ Selene is an application like this! ♥ A design...

  • Homee launcher - cuter/kawaii




    This is the definitive wallpaper and icon changeover app! ★ Change over to a cute clock and icons that match the wallpaper! ★ Transform your smartphone easily! You can even changeover every day ♪ ★ You are sure to find wallpapers and icons that you like! There are tons of cute/kawaii and free...

  • Petapic - Photo Collage App




    ♥ Petapic ♥ Deco type No.1 DECOPIC's sister app! Combine pictures to make them cute & stylish! More than 100 kinds of easy-to-use templates and more than 200 kinds of wall papers♪ Trim your pictures in heart or star, in any shape you like! ♥Stylish templates already available♡ You...

  • Selfie Camera -Facial Beauty-




    ♥︎The best app for selfies♥︎ Use facial beauty and charm-enhancing filters to make your pics super cute☆ And super sweet★ Be the radiant girl as a grown up cutie or sweet princess, it's all up to youヽ(*´∀`*)ノ Cun (kjún) is the onomatopoeia that expresses the sound when you feel your heart...

  • POCHIRECO,kawaii household app




    (No need to worry about troublesome registration!) As simple as possible, the 【POCHI♥RECO】 accounting application is simple, convenient, and also has a cute design! It's easy and fun to enter data, and you'll want to use it every day without even thinking about it! If you think it's...

  • Kawaii Battery Saver & Widget




    "My smartphone is slow and the battery dies really fast...(´;ω;`)" This app solves problem like this for free♥ With just one touch, "Kawaii Battery Saver & Widget memora♡" will sweep unused files from memory and your smartphone will rapidly respond. This is a great utility...

  • piqUp -easy!quick!photo viewer




    *_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_* Are you tired of sharing tons of photos taken by smartphone with your family or friends via hefty e-mail or messaging apps? "PiqUp" let you keep your photos in order and share them easily, lightly and safely. This app will strongly support your...

  • かんたん家計簿 まねぶた




    毎日楽しく続けられる、かんたんで便利な家計簿アプリ『かんたん家計簿まねぶた』 毎日家計簿を付けるのが面倒だ、 いつも三日坊主になっちゃう、 忙しくて毎日ゆっくりつけていられない。。。 という経験ありませんか? この『まねぶた』では そんな悩みを一気に解決いたします! とっても入力がカンタンでデザインかわいくて、 なにより”直感的に”使えるアプリなんです! 無料ですので是非ご利用ください♪ ☆.。.:*・゚☆.。.:*・゚☆.。.:*・゚☆.。.:*・゚☆.。.:*・゚☆.。.:*・゚☆.。.:*・゚☆ ●入力がとってもかんたん!...

  • 幸せココロサプリ 〜恋愛診断・性格・心理テストで女子力アップ




    お陰さまで★ライフスタイルカテゴリー2位獲得★ 雑誌「anan」にも掲載された、当たる!という レビュー多数の、本格派の性格/恋愛診断/ 心理テストです! 毎日届く新着の性格・恋愛診断や心理テストで、 自分のココロを知って女子力アップ♡...

  • Mirror - Beauty,Cute & Useful




    The latest version of smartphone mirror App is here! ■Free and useful ・One touch stop♪ Convenient to check your profile ・Zoom♪ Great for putting on contact lenses ・Adjust brightness♪ See well even at dark places Anytime anywhere easy to check on your smartphone No doubt this is better than...

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