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  • Vino Calculator




    A true must have for any wine maker. This app will do basic conversions for Weight/Mass, Volume, and Temperature as well as more complex sugar conversions such as Specific Gravity, Brix, Refration Index, and Baume. App also includes a Hydrometer Corrector feature for any calibrated hydrometer and...

  • Bearing Factor Calculator


    This application is designed to calculate the four common bearing factors from the bearing geometry. These factors can then be used to calculate bearing frequencies by multiplying them times the RPM.

  • Bend Line Calculator




    Bend Line Calculator is designed to calculate a number of important features when bending sheet metal or flat bar material. The bending operation assumes a V-die in an air bending situation. This program allows up to 3 bends with a maximum bend angle of 90 degrees for each bend. The...

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