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  • Finger Paint for Kids

    Finger Paint for Kids




    Kids Finger Painting Let kids show their creativity with our Finger Painting app. Let them explore various images like alphabets, numbers, objects by paining them the way they want. At present the app comes with ABC painting and more categories will be added soon. This app is very simple and...

  • Monster Dance on Christmas

    Monster Dance on Christmas




    Santa goes dancing this season! Your favorite Monster Dance is full of Christmas fun this season. Tap on the Cute Santa to make him dance and tiggle his body part to make him produce funny sounds. You may still continue to enjoy your Old Monster dance by selecting the same on main menu. So enjoy...

  • Best Memory Game - Kids

    Best Memory Game - Kids




    ------------------------------------------------------------- FREE APP | FREE APP | FREE APP | FREE APP | ------------------------------------------------------------- Kids Love Sweet Challenges to tickle their brain and this game is meant to do same. This is one of the best Memory Quiz app...

  • My Occupations

    My Occupations




    Did your kids can recall who a doctor is? Does he ask : what do you do? As the kids grow up and see their parents going office every day, the curiosity increases to understand what they do? At same time understanding various profession and their duties help kids to become more aware of the world...

  • Alphabets with Animals-A2Z

    Alphabets with Animals-A2Z




    Learning alphabets is now fun with A2Z with Animals application. Kids can not only learn alphabets but can also correlate them various animals they see around them. It has been proven that when a learning is assisted with visual material, its much more efficient. This application intends to take...

  • Learn Fruits

    Learn Fruits




    One of the most important things a toddler learn is to eat. With this he also start resembling various fruits and vegetables with their names The idea of this application is simple. let your kid learn the various commonly used fruits and vegetables names and correlate them with their pictures....

  • Animal Voices for Toddlers

    Animal Voices for Toddlers




    - - - - - - - - - - Must Download App for Kids - - - - - - - - - - - - "My First step" is series of applications build to help kids/ toddlers in learning the basic of an education in fun and interactive way. The idea behind these applications is to let the kids see, touch, feel and...

  • Learn Vegetables

    Learn Vegetables




    One of the most important things a toddler learn is to eat. With this he also start resembling various vegetables with their names The idea of this application is simple. let your kid learn the various commonly used vegetables names and correlate them with their pictures. This will not only...

  • English Vocab Game - Flashcard

    English Vocab Game - Flashcard




    A perfect tool to learn, enhance and refresh your vocabulary and knowledge of various english words. With more than 4500 words in our database, you will never run out of your daily learning dose. A must application for students preparing for various competitive exams like TOFEL, CAT, GMAT, GRE,...

  • SmartQuiz- Schools

    SmartQuiz- Schools




    Smart quiz is an interactive self assessment quiz platform for school students helping them to validate their learning and subject knowledge. This helps students to test their understanding of subjects by attending MCQs and helping them to prepare for exams. This is a perfect companion where you...

  • SmartQuiz-GK





    Do you like to be updated on latest general knowledge across various topics. Here comes an app to check your general knowledge on various subjects and update your knowledge. Open this app , attend a new quiz and enjoy challenging yourself. 1. One time registration to help you track your score...

  • SmartQuiz-Competitive Exam

    SmartQuiz-Competitive Exam




    Today in competitive world a student need to perform very well in various competition exams for a better future. This app act as a perfect companion on the move for students to take various tests (MCQs based) and sharpen their domain knowledge. With comprehensive subject coverage like Aptitude,...

  • Learn Hindi Alphabets

    Learn Hindi Alphabets




    Learn Hindi is an interactive, very simple to use application helping kids to learn the first lessons in Hindi. This app teaches pronunciation of individual Hindi Letters along with examples of each letters. This application is must for every kid who wants to learn Hindi letters as his/her first...

  • Musical Instruments Sounds-MFA

    Musical Instruments Sounds-MFA




    Is your kid aware of all Musical Instruments and sounds made by them? Check this application to identify various kinds of musical instrument, sounds made by them and get familiar with them. Once your kid thinks he has mastered all instrument, let him challenge himself with interactive quiz in...

  • Visit Delhi

    Visit Delhi




    Delhi (also known as City of Hearts) is a must visit for anyone visiting India. Capital of India, Delhi offers the perfect blend of cosmopolitan culture, vivacious history and a wide range of tourist attractions. Delhi offers numerous options from Heritage buildings to famous religious places...

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