Conduit Paranormal Research





    #49 in Top New Paid Tools Apps! (2/12/2013) The PRT one paranormal research tool combines elements of the Conduit, Ghost Light and EVPR electronic voice phenomenon recorder...and a few other tools into a single application. Spirit detection and communication in just a few quick taps on your...

  • Spirit Box 2.0 EMF EVP GHOST




    Video: "I'm right here." Featured on! #11 in Top New Paid Tools Apps! (2/17/2013) #108 in ALL TOP NEW PAID APPS! (2/18/2013) #101 in Top Grossing Tools Apps! (2/18/2013) #361 in Top Paid Tools Apps! (2/18/2013) THANK YOU!!!...





    Video: "Who are you?" Beautiful in its simplicity, Mutter is a wicked crazy fast audio engine paired with a radio interference free phonetic voice generator algorithm, capable of producing nearly every word in the English language. Mutter is not triggered by EMF readings, radar...





    Video: "Get out." Ghost Box is a more traditional approach to ghost hunting than the Spirit Box 2.0, The Ghost Box is a white noise/phonetic voice generator that is not triggered by EMF readings, radar scanners, touches or taps on your screen. In theory, the Ghost Box has...

  • Ghost Detector Pro PARANORMAL




    #29 in Top New Paid Tools Apps! (2/12/2013) Ghost Detector Pro is the most advanced entity detector in the Play Store. More than an EMF sensor, the Ghost Detector Pro measures the VARIANCE in the EMF field. Dual EMF sensors work in tandem to provide you responses based on anomalies in the EMF...

  • Paranormal Research Log PRL




    The Paranormal Research Log is the perfect companion app for any ghost hunter or paranormal investigator. It allows you to take notes in just a few quick taps on your touch screen of any paranormal activity during your investigation for later review. Time and date are automatically recorded. If...

  • Spirit Detector GHOST DETECTOR




    #32 in Top New Paid Tools Apps! (2/20/2013) #402 in ALL Top New Paid Apps! (2/18/2103) Please note that this is not a gimmick EMF ghost/spirit detector or radar scanner. This application constantly analyzes your surroundings and provides an audio representation in real time. Unlike other...

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