Connor Dunn

  • Pebble Notifications




    Access Android system notifications from your Pebble watch. * Pushes new notifications to watch * Browse and dismiss active notifications directly from watch. Requires Android 4.3.

  • PebbleDash




    Pebble DashClock integration. Use all of your favourite DashClock extensions with your Pebble smartwatch.

  • TabCloud




    Tab Cloud is a Google Chrome extension which allows you to save any window session and restore it at a later date or on another computer. Effectively allowing you to sync open tabs between multiple computers. This app allows you to access the list of tabs you have saved using the Chrome...

  • PassHash




    PassHash allows you to generate unique, secure passwords for every site you visit from one master password. This app is made to compliment the Chrome extension "PashHash" and allow you to generate your passwords while not at your computer. As you enter your master password using your...

  • LinkPush




    Load links from your PC browser on your phone (Works with Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari and Opera). To use click the icon in Chrome extension or bookmarklet in other browsers, then run the app on your phone to open the page. Now with instant notifications via Google Talk.

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