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  • Cool 3D Gallery




    This is a very cool alternative for your Gallery application. The code for this application is free and that is the reason why many manufacturers include it in their Android devices by default, but not all. In my case I found that my Moto Defy phone would include a different Gallery, which is...

  • Sudoku




    The most popular Sudoku game in Google Play has been polished to perfection. Free Sudoku is an extension of the great Andoku, offering the same cool features and game variations: • Standard Sudoku • X-Sudoku • Hyper-Sudoku • Percent-Sudoku • Color-Sudoku • Squiggly Sudoku The Free Sudoku...

  • Cool 3D Gallery Pro




    This is the Pro version for the Cool 3D Gallery application, thank you for considering purchasing it, you will get an ads free application for the lowest possible price Google Play allows at the same time you support the further development of this app, so I can include more new features based of...

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