• Crusader's Escape

    Crusader's Escape




    You were once a great crusader. You fought in the holy lands, seeking justice for the pilgrims. Since then many years have passed. You advanced in the order, and made this castle your home. Moving across the ranks, reaching the very top. But it seems it was all in vain. People whose lands you...

  • Polar Escape

    Polar Escape




    Everyone started going insane. It happens at this cold faraway places. When you were first given the job to work as a scientist on the South Pole you cheered with joy. If you could only see yourself now. Bad weather is coming; your company sent a rescue helicopter to get your team out. It appears...

  • Outlaw's Escape

    Outlaw's Escape




    You were taking your time robbing a bank. But suddenly you head a sound. They found you. Sherif was outside. What could you do? You took everything you can carry and went back through the hole you dug. It leads to a near by saloon. Thankfully the passage caved in behind you so they weren't...

  • Blackbeard's Escape

    Blackbeard's Escape




    There was smooth sailing on your boat which transported goods to the new world. You didn't even dream what's going to happen next. The sound of cannon ball flying split the silent night. There was no silence in the moments that followed, the sounds of crashes and burning fire. Pirates...

  • Truck Rush

    Truck Rush




    Truck Rush 3 is the third game in the popular Truck Rush series. The first and second game have accumulated over 18.5 million plays on the Mindjolt platform on Facebook alone Your goal is to accelerate as quickly as possible through all 40 levels to try and get as many stars as you can....

  • Evil Genius Escape

    Evil Genius Escape




    After a night in the exclusive bar, where you were to follow one of those bad apples. It was rumoured that he was employed by the Doctor. Apparently somebody was doing the same nice gesture to you. Except they went a step further. You felt just a little sting on your neck. Immediately you know...

  • Bear Escape

    Bear Escape




    Afternoon in the woods was a really nice idea. But, suddenly the night came and you knew this isn't going to be good. A loud roar confirmed that feeling. It's owner? A big bear! After meeting its eyes the chase began. By sheer luck you found an old cabin, entered, closed and blocked the...

  • Magician's Escape

    Magician's Escape




    During the show of a famous illusionist you found yourself raising the hand and getting into a magic box. A magic box that he said will transport you to another world. You laughed. But now here you are in this room, you see a way out... But there are three locks that you need to unlock. And keys...

  • Neo Race

    Neo Race




    Welcome to Neo Race - a unique neon world!!! Train your character, improve skills, win races. - Incredible neon graphics. - 4 types of training mini-games. - 20 unique races. - Unexpected final. Become the best racer in the neon world!!!

  • NeoLife





    Simply knock the blue ball off the screen, cutting the ropes and using the neon orange balls. Can you complete all 30 levels? How To Play? Slide your finger across the rope to cut it and let the y

  • Purple Planet

    Purple Planet




    All of us have wondered what would happen if we find Aliens. We have a chance to get acquainted with them. Will they turn out to be a civilized humanoids, or wicked cannibals, we'll find it out when we get there. That's one small step for a man ... no, this has been already somewhere ......

  • Mayan Escape

    Mayan Escape




    You are locked in a Mayan room and you try to escape the Mayan room by discovering items and solving puzzles. Keywords: escape game,puzzle game,point and click game,Hidden Object Games VISIT US:

  • Noir Escape

    Noir Escape




    Noir escape is an escape the room game, it features 3d pre-rendered graphics, with animations rendered as video. The entire game is styled in the manner of old noir movies. You play a private detective that has been trapped in a competitors office. Using a slick adventure style point n'...

  • Monty's Moon

    Monty's Moon




    Help Monty reach the moon in this highly polished launcher game. With 35 upgrades, 20 achievements, 4 power ups and various special items and obstacles, Monty's Moon features addicting gameplay with a touching storyline keywords: monkey game, kids game, launcher, casual and fun games VISIT...

  • Zen Sudoku

    Zen Sudoku




    Master the art of this ancient yet fun and engaging game with Zen Sudoku, a game that offers the most beautiful, soothing and easy to use way to entertain yourself for hours. Beautiful Graphics Intuitive interface with large icons and clear text Large, high contrast, easy to read...

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