• あつめてにゃんこ





    あつめてにゃんこ 超キュートなにゃんこたちを集める育成アプリ ルールは簡単 にゃんこを選んで散歩に行かせるだけ 一定時間後に仲間のにゃんこを連れて帰ってきます 全てのにゃんこを集めて図鑑をコンプリートしよう ■二匹でおさんぽ コンプ率が高くなると「二匹でおさんぽ」モードが使えるようになります 二匹でおさんぽすると一匹よりレアなにゃんこの確率がアップ! ■マタタビ...

  • Aqualand+ 3D Fish aquarium

    Aqualand+ 3D Fish aquarium




    Free download to play. *** Features *** * 70+ Fishes * 50+ Decorations and Wall papers * Social Play * Cross-Breeding *** Tutorial Clean your aquarium. Buy your first fish. Feed your fish. Keep tank clean,and sometimes feed them again. Sell your fish,and buy new fish,expand...

  • Tiny Soccer 3D

    Tiny Soccer 3D




    ***** Ver 1.02 ***** Interface changed 3D engine inproved bug fixed ********************* Tiny Soccer 3D is a soccer mini-game collection that is fun to play *** Corner Kick *** Flick the ball flies from the corner Kick in goal in a timely. Own balls is lost by a mistake *** Penalty Kick...

  • Can Pile

    Can Pile




    Simple but addictive ! Flick to kick the ball,and knock them down !! Features 20 Stage.

  • Giant Slalom

    Giant Slalom




    Ver 1.50 Changed to 3D perspective. Easy to control than previous version. ******************** Addicting giant slalom game ! Tilt your phone to turn the skier. Don’t hit any ropes. Try your best score with friends!

  • Koi Jump

    Koi Jump


    Koi Jump is one touch control action game. Thrilling and strategic more than other flappy games! How to Play: - Tap anywhere on the screen to jump - Tap again,then you will turn around and jump! Compete highscore with your friends!!

  • Coin Fever

    Coin Fever




    Coin Fever is 3D realistic coin pusher game. ***************** Free Coins added. You can get award coins for free ***Feautures*** Various coins *RED Big Coin *GREEN Coin Walls *Blue Coin Falls ***Regeneration time*** 5 minutes:offline(to 1 minutes by collecting prize) 25 seconds:online(to 15...

  • 3D Xmas Tree

    3D Xmas Tree




    It is a very beautiful Christmas tree rotating in 3D Engine.

  • Lantern Flow

    Lantern Flow


    Lantern Flow is lovely action game. It is cool just to see the lantern. Carry away the lentern as far as possible. ***Instruction*** Tilt your phone left or right to accurate Lentern will sink if hit the lantern other.

  • Sakura Petals Livewallpaper

    Sakura Petals Livewallpaper




    It's pretty! Sakura Petals falling Livewallpaper. Petals will be piled up!

  • Snow piling Livewallpaper

    Snow piling Livewallpaper




    It's pretty! Snow piling Livewallpaper. Snow will be piled up!

  • Coin Dog2

    Coin Dog2




    Coin Dog2

  • Dragon Attacks

    Dragon Attacks




    Dragon Attacks This game is rearistic 3D fantasy action game. Feature *Item level up system Each item has its own Level. can increase in defeating the enemy. an item increases the damage Level. *Quest Kill the Dragon in the dungeon ! *Items Swords Armor Shield Helm Ring --- Ring is rare...

  • Coin Tower

    Coin Tower




    Simple one click game. Try higher and higher!!

  • Coin Dog

    Coin Dog




    Coin Dog is 3D realistic coin pusher game, with cute dog animation ! ***Feautures*** Various coins *RED Big Coin *GREEN Coin Walls *Blue Coin Falls ***Regeneration time*** 5 minutes:offline(to 1 minutes by collecting prize) 25 seconds:online(to 15 seconds by collecting prize) ***Collecting...

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