• ドラゴンアタックオンライン(無料MMORPG)




    ガラケーで熱狂的に遊ばれた基本プレイ無料MMORPGがAndroidに登場!! Ver 3.05では全クラスの上位職や全4次アイテムも実装されています ■6種類のクラスと300以上のアイテム登場! ■ゲーム説明抜粋 *操作方法 ・移動 4628キー ・攻撃 決定キー ・アイテム menuで方向キー+選択で装備、9でアイテムを捨てる ・選択→4,6キーでまず一番近い他キャラを選択できます 押し続けるとキャラが進みます 0で選択を解除します ・死亡時→0で村に帰還 *アイテム 売買トレードはサイトにて行います 起動時0キーかメニュー中のサイトTOPを選択しアイテム市場へ進んでください...

  • Coin Fever




    Coin Fever is 3D realistic coin pusher game. ***************** Free Coins added. You can get award coins for free ***Feautures*** Various coins *RED Big Coin *GREEN Coin Walls *Blue Coin Falls ***Regeneration time*** 5 minutes:offline(to 1 minutes by collecting prize) 25 seconds:online(to 15...

  • Aqualand+ 3D Fish aquarium




    Free download to play. *** Features *** * 70+ Fishes * 50+ Decorations and Wall papers * Social Play * Cross-Breeding *** Tutorial Clean your aquarium. Buy your first fish. Feed your fish. Keep tank clean,and sometimes feed them again. Sell your fish,and buy new fish,expand...

  • Giant Isopod




    Feed the Giant Isopod!

  • Can Pile




    Simple but addictive ! Flick to kick the ball,and knock them down !! Features 20 Stage.

  • Cat Stroll




    Collect super cute cats. Go for a walk by selecting cat. Cat came back with his fellow cat after a period of time Let's complete the picture book by gathering all of cats! ■ Walk in the two cats You will be able to use the mode "two cats' Complete rates is higher. ■...

  • Tower Burger




    Tap to drop when the hamburger in the middle. Be the world's best high tower burger! Realistic by using Unity 3D engine. ※Score will be valid for five seconds after drop. *** Party Play *** Decide the order drop, drop one by one in order Who had defeated the hamburger is loser!

  • Tiny Soccer 3D




    ***** Ver 1.02 ***** Interface changed 3D engine inproved bug fixed ********************* Tiny Soccer 3D is a soccer mini-game collection that is fun to play *** Corner Kick *** Flick the ball flies from the corner Kick in goal in a timely. Own balls is lost by a mistake *** Penalty Kick...

  • Giant Slalom




    Ver 1.50 Changed to 3D perspective. Easy to control than previous version. ******************** Addicting giant slalom game ! Tilt your phone to turn the skier. Don’t hit any ropes. Try your best score with friends!

  • Koi Jump


    Koi Jump is one touch control action game. Thrilling and strategic more than other flappy games! How to Play: - Tap anywhere on the screen to jump - Tap again,then you will turn around and jump! Compete highscore with your friends!!

  • 3D Xmas Tree




    It is a very beautiful Christmas tree rotating in 3D Engine.

  • Lantern Flow


    Lantern Flow is lovely action game. It is cool just to see the lantern. Carry away the lentern as far as possible. ***Instruction*** Tilt your phone left or right to accurate Lentern will sink if hit the lantern other.

  • Sakura Petals Livewallpaper




    It's pretty! Sakura Petals falling Livewallpaper. Petals will be piled up!

  • Snow piling Livewallpaper




    It's pretty! Snow piling Livewallpaper. Snow will be piled up!

  • Coin Dog2




    Coin Dog2

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