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Outdoor Atlas

Outdoor Atlas is thought to be the companion for all your outdoor acti...

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Spain Maps

This plugin adds IDEE's maps of Spain into Outdoor Atlas for offli...

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New Zealand Maps

This plugin adds NZTopoMaps of New Zealand into Outdoor Atlas for offl...

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Norway Maps

This plugin adds Statens kartverk's maps of Norway and hikin...

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North America Maps

This plugin adds MyTopo's maps of North America into Outdoor Atlas...

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Weather Data CH

Weather data CH is plugin of the app Outdoor Atlas. Weather data CH al...

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Swiss Public Transport

Swiss Public Transport extends the app Outdoor Atlas with the possibil...

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Finland Maps

This plugin adds Paikkatietoikkuna's maps of Finland into Outdoor...

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SwissNames is the most extensive and most detailed compilation of Swis...

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