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  • Train sounds and ringtones




    Over 45 sounds are included for the train fan. These can be set as Ringtone, Notify, Alarm, and as Music. Ad supported.

  • Airplane Soundboard




    This app is for all those enthusiastic aviation/aerospace fans, including one of our developers. More files will be added soon. Please help us and submit your own sound file, as we are always looking to make this app better. Visit our wiki or forum for more information. This app is ad...

  • Classic Ringtones - Lite




    Classic telephone ringers take you back to the very first analog phones, the ones with real bells First row are setable. Note: Long press to set ringtones

  • Doctor Who Sounds and Ringers




    Doctor Who sounds and ringers was created for the whovian in all of us. Long press to save as (ringtone,notify,alarm) New APK total code re-write for android 4.0+, now fully backwards compatible This application is Free, but Ad supported, Find a bug? Submit under Menu > feedback. Please...

  • Animal Ringtones - Lite




    Set your ringtone as a chicken, chimp, dolphin, wolf, horse, cow and even snake. Note: Long press to set ringtones This is ad supported, and will allow you play all sounds. You can only set the first 4 sounds as ringtones / notify. Please support the developers and purchase the ad free...

  • Classic Ringtones - Full




    Classic telephone ringers take us back to the old analog style phones ... the ones with bells still in them. This is the Full version which allows you to save all as ringtone or notify. Note: Long press to set Suggest turning on autoupdate, many new updates, and ringtones to be added soon.

  • Animal Ringtones - Full




    Animal ringtones will help set your phone appart from everyone else. Make your ringtone sound like a chicken, wolf, horse, cow, dog and more. NO ADS - Thank you for the support. Note: Long press to set ringtones/Alerts Same low price, now double the fun. 16 more sounds added If you have...

  • Annoying Ringtones




    These few selected ringtones are very VERY annoying. These will annoy your friends, family, and even pets. Note: Long press to set ringtones *New updates and sounds around the corner.

  • Tax Bash




    Tax Bash is an application created to help deal with the stress of paying bills, taxes, and just about anything financial. Some may think this is a dumb game, but for those in the financial field, this provides a much needed quick stress relief.

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