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  • Radar Call Location

    Radar Call Location




    ***PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU DOWNLOAD********** Just fool your friends with this fake app for entertainment! Notification ads and icon ads in this free app help us to produce more free applications. ******************************************** Locate your places with calling number. This free...

  • Free Shooting Pistol Gun

    Free Shooting Pistol Gun




    Free Shooting Pistol Gun is a free realistic simulator which offer you different training of shooting guns! All popular and powerful guns on market, such as pistols, hand guns, machine guns and sniper guns..can all be played!!! This new phone-gun version allow you simultaneously dynamic in...

  • Best GPS Navigation

    Best GPS Navigation




    ***Best GPS Navigation is a fake one used for entertainment. It can be installed in all android mobile phone and will not cost you any money! Then your phone will become a (fake) GPS tracker which can help you get your detail position!*** We call it Best GPS Navigation, because it can help you...

  • Boost Internet Speed

    Boost Internet Speed




    ***Boost Internet Speed is a fake app used for entertainment. It can play a important role in April Fool's Day! It contains some icon ads and notification ads***** I know you often use your mobile phone to search information from internet. By using wireless WiFi£¬ you can get all information...

  • Quicken RAM Memory Speed

    Quicken RAM Memory Speed




    In your daily life, you must often play jokes with your friends. Now there is a good chance to cheat all of them (only you know the truth). Here is fake app used for entertainment. All people will believe its functions if you do not tell them the truth! Download it and it will be a best tool in...

  • Free GPS Map For Phone

    Free GPS Map For Phone




    Here is a fake software used for entertainment. It can used to cheat all people easily! All functions we introduced are FAKE! ************************************ GPS on iphone is well-known and it help the iphone user tracking cell phone number or people's position with the help of...

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