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Solve for Apalabrados Spanish

Are you sick and tired that either your cousin or brother keeps on winning each word game you play with them? Would you like to have the reputation of a walking dictionary that uses elaborate vocabulary? This solver will save the day, and you'll no longer be known as the family loser. In addition to this, this solver is easy to use. All you h…

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Super Trivi Quiz ⁉

Quiz game in Spanish with questions in 15 categories Choose subject, hit the play button and the program will perform random questions. Learn spanish with this app. You can select options if you want the phone to read your question and learn vocalization. This is trivial based on that of, but with three responses. You must choose th…

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Caceroladator, the pot-banging protest app, will provide entertainment at demonstrations, civil uprisings and even family gatherings when you can't get hold of a pot or a pan to bang. All you need to do is open the app and shake your phone to voice your anger and indignation!

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Pepeneitor is a collection of facts about the Real Madrid Pepe. Pepe is hard, very hard, and here it shows. Be careful, if Pepe finds could be the last application to download ... Tags: Kepler Laveran Lima Ferreira, Barcelona, ​​Messi, Pep Guardiola, Tito Vilanova, Mourinho, Brazil, football, soccer.

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¿Te crees un dandy del idioma? ¿Consideras que mereces un sillón de la RAE? ¿Estás harto de crucigramas y sudokus y otras zarandajas? ¡Demuéstralo con Encuadrados! Un juego de letras y palabras para exprimir tu cerebelo. Simplemente un mosaico con nueve letras, ¿cuántas palabras eres capaz de formar contrarreloj? Adictivo y refrescante a partes…

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Solver for Aworded

Would you like to have the reputation of a walking dictionary that uses elaborate vocabulary? Aworded Solver will save the day, and you'll no longer be known as the family loser. In addition to this, Solver is easy to use. All you have to do is enter the letters you have, using asterisk when you have a joker tile, and tap enter. A list of wor…

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Chorradeitor more jets is to apply throughout the Market. It has nothing interesting or useful, are just crap! What you you were going down?

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Combat guide for Pokémon

With this guide you will not lose more battles in gyms! When you want to attack a gym, you must first check what type defends. So you can choose the Pokémon that best fits their weaknesses, taking advantage in combat. To make it work, touches the ball and get a simple menu to indicate the name or type to receive information from the weaknesses or…

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Test your visual acuity with this simple and addictive game. Simply touch the box with a different color from the rest. Are you able to get past level 20? Beware, this game can be very addictive. And very fun! Challenge your friends in Challenge #Squares&Colors

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Super Trivia English Version

Trivial (Quiz game) with a lot of questions in 13 categories. All questions are in English, learn English the fun way. Test your knowledge with Super Trivial, is a fun way to learn! Challenge your friends and show off your knowledge. *** If you find any bug (or want to suggest new questions), please mail to, thanks!

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