CP Handheld Technologies, LLC

  • EnGenX Mobile




    EnGenX integrates the latest advancements in fleet management software to provide you with a flexible management solution. EnGenX mobile provides you with an easy way to check up on your vehicle fleet at any time. This application is still in beta stages.

  • Unison Mobile




    The CPH Unison system is a flexible, cloud-based platform that aggregates accounting and operational data from across the dealership enterprise. The platform serves as the basis for solutions built to support internal and outsourced services. Services including: detail services, deal flow,...

  • proTXTion


    Drive without cellphone distractions! Drive with proTXTion™! proTXTion is a powerful, easy-to-use safe-driving system that reduces distractions caused by using a cell phone while driving. proTXTion Features: Blocks texts, emails and phone calls while the ignition is turned on...

  • CPH Mobile Beta


    CP Handheld mobile scanning solution for Android. This app is in beta.

  • RN Bluetooth Chat




    Simple Terminal Client for Roving Networks RN-42 Bluetooth data modules. Demonstrates unique abilities for RN-42 to auto connect back to a paired Android host with a custom UUID registered by the APP to guarantee ownership of the connection. Source code and customization available, contact...

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