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  • Refranes y más refranes




    La sabiduría popular se encuentra contenida en esas cortas frases que llamamos refranes. Algunos son graciosos, otros son serios, pero todos dicen una verdad probada a través del tiempo. "Refranes y más refranes" es una poderosa aplicación que contiene más de 3500 refranes en español....

  • Numbers2Words




    Sometimes it is difficult to write a number in letters--for example when writing a check. Numbers2Words is an easy to use application that solves this. Enter an integer number with up to 12 digits. Press the "Get result" button and the number you entered will appear in letters in three...

  • Date Computer




    Do you know how many days you have lived so far? How many years, months and days you have been working? How many days are left until the New Year? Or maybe, how many days you have been engaged or married? Date Computer may answer all these questions easily. If you want, Date Computer may also...

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