Craze apps

  • Weed Theme

    Weed Theme


    This is perfect for all you people that want weed to be legalized, help show your support by downloading this theme.

  • Make A Tally

    Make A Tally


    Every need to take a count of how many people are in a room? or the amount of cars in a row? Its hard to keep count with such a large quantity, but that problem is solved. This app allows you to take a count of anything you need. **Any problems please email

  • The Curse Board

    The Curse Board


    Ever feel like cursing at someone, or just listing to curse words with funny accents, well this app meets your standards. The Curse Board is a collections of multiple curse words.This a great and very unique soundboard. Craze apps is proud to present The Curse Board. ** any questions or request...

  • Star Ship Blaster

    Star Ship Blaster


    In this game you are a space ship, trying to defeat the alien enemy. But be carefully he will shoot at you and try to kill you. Stay tuned for updates on the games like new maps and levels.

  • Obama Mash

    Obama Mash




    This app is for all of you repubulicans to mash Obama and have fun with it.

  • HTC theme

    HTC theme


    This is a perfect Htc theme for your android device, its sleek design and transparent drawer screen makes it a favorable aspect of any android device.

  • Awkward face

    Awkward face




    This is the perfect button for a awkward situation.Its simple, press the button to display the awkward image and the awkward sound

  • Evo Theme

    Evo Theme


    This is a great htc evo theme for your android device. Email me with app ideas and new theme ideas and I will be sure to get back to you with a email

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