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Download School Lunch Food Maker! School Lunch Food Maker! icon
School Lunch Food Maker!

Hmm~ The school cafeteria food? GROSS! It's time to take matters into your own hands. Put on your chef hat and head to the kitchen! We're going to make the ultimate lunch food: hamburger, buffalo wings, juice & milk. Great, Let's play. Product Features: - Fun, interactive food making game. - So many kinds of school lunch foods to c…

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Download Milkshake Maker! Make Drinks Milkshake Maker! Make Drinks icon
Milkshake Maker! Make Drinks

Tah-Daaah! This weekend, Charlotte will throw a super fun pajama party for her birthday celebration! And you are all invited! The day come, everybody wear their favorite pajama to Charlotte's house. There is a happy pillow fight during the party! We jump on the bed, throw the pillows, laugh and scream! After the crazy pillow fight, we are exha…

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Download Slushy Maker! Slushy Maker! icon
Slushy Maker!

On a nice hot summer day, there’s nothing better than an ice cold drink! Why not make a fruity slushy for you and your friends? From blueberry to green apple, there are tons of flavors to try, but taste isn’t the only thing you can customize! Dress up your cup and make them look cool, too! Your friends will think you’re the slushy master, and you’l…

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Download Street Food Street Food icon
Street Food

The weekend is coming! How about hanging out with friends to having a happy crazy night? Wow! That sounds great! We come to the street and seek for brand new and interesting things around everywhere, as well as delicious street foods! Look! There are some food vans over there and many people queue up for their yummy foods! There are corn dog van,…

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Download Cupcake Maker! Rainbow Chef Cupcake Maker! Rainbow Chef icon
Cupcake Maker! Rainbow Chef

Take a picture of yourself & friend and be a mini chef. Hello, Chef, you are invited in the yummy cupcake maker game. We all love delicious sweet cupcakes. Come on, how could you miss our Cupcake Maker? And here comes a brand new rainbow cupcake. Let's play. Features: -- A super fun food making game. - Take a picture to cartoon yourself an…

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Download Chinese Food - Lunar New Year! Chinese Food - Lunar New Year! icon
Chinese Food - Lunar New Year!

Chinese New Year is coming soon! The China Town in our city gets quite busy and happy! The streets are decorated with red lanterns and New Year scrolls. Here! People flocked to the Chinese restaurants, the shops and the theater to enjoy this special festival! My friends and I also decide to join the crowd and see! There are numbers of great Chines…

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Download Breakfast Food Maker! Breakfast Food Maker! icon
Breakfast Food Maker!

Whether you like flavor filled meats or healthier fruits and vegetables for breakfast, you’re sure to find something for you in this fun breakfast food game. Learn to prepare your favorite breakfast foods and play tons of mini games, too! Before you get to work hard in the kitchen, visit the barn to milk the cows or stroll the orchard to pick some…

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Download Donut Maker Donut Maker icon
Donut Maker

Walking in the donut bakery is a sweet assault on your senses. The smell of tasty donuts. The beautiful colors and designs. The sweet taste as you take your first bite. Read to make your own? The only thing as good as eating donuts is making them! Are you ready to get cooking some sweet donuts? In this app, you get the chance to bake up so…

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Download Food Maker! Beach Party Food Maker! Beach Party icon
Food Maker! Beach Party

Warm summer days by the sea aren’t complete without a nice frozen treat! After splashing in the waves and lying on the sand all day, people want something cold to eat. Why not give them just what they need? Open your own ice cream shop at the beach! With your skills and good taste for sweets, you’ll be the hottest spot on the beach! In Beach Food…

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Download Cake Maker Cake Maker icon
Cake Maker

Take a picture of yourself & friend and be a mini chef in this fun cake cooking game. We all love delicious sweet cake. Plus, It's a lot of fun making one. How about a huge designer wedding cake with pink frosting? Or a sweet birthday cake with chocolate toppings? Even a DIY one with so many incredible yummy icings? Yes, here comes the most…

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