Crazy Cats

  • Cake Maker




    NOW YOU CAN HAVE YOUR CAKE & EAT IT TOO! Make a Birthday Cake, Wedding Cake, Easter Cake, or decorate a cake Just for Fun! Fun to MAKE and share as gifts! Features: ✓ FUN FUN FUN! ✓ Frosted Cakes! Chocolate Cakes! Vanilla Cakes! & MORE! ✓ FUN decorations! ✓ Share & Eat your...

  • Milkshake Maker




    Mmm, a yummy, frosty milkshake sounds good right about now, doesn't it? Create tasty dessert treats with Milkshake Maker, the best chocolate cooking and design game around! Make real ice cream treats with this fun app, perfect for beating the summer heat or just relaxing with a nice, yummy...

  • Donut Maker




    ★★★★★ “Donut Maker is the BEST app EVER!” ★★★★★ “Great for kids! My girls always love baking things on their phones!” ★★★★★ “Making a Donut is some serious fun!” ★★★★★ “So hard in real life. Glad someone thought of this so I can do it on my phone!” Features: ✓ Mix & Bake for extra fun! ✓...

  • Cupcake Maker




    ★★★★★ “This app is Amazing!” ★★★★★ “So fun! Its different than the rest of the cupcake making apps! These cupcake flavors actually LOOK real!” ★★★★★ “My daughter loves this app! I think her favorite part is shaking my phone and watching the cupcakes fall out of the pan. Great App!” Make some...

  • Cookie Maker




    Make and Bake your favorite cookies! Choose your favorite flavor, add the ingredients, toppings, bake and then decorate! Special Features: ✓ Fun for kids of all ages! ✓ Realistic images! ✓ Hundreds of decorations to choose from! ✓ Eat your cookie! ✓ Share your cookie on facebook or email it...

  • Chinese Food




    CRAVING SOME CHINESE FOOD? Grab your wok and start your own stir fry!!!! When you're done, grab your chopsticks and dig in! MAKE these FUN FOODS!! … - Fantastic Fortune Cookies! - Fancy Fried Rice! - Fabolous Fried Noodles! ALL this AWESOME FUN included... - Stir Fry Fun for ALL FOODS! -...

  • Street Food




    MAKE your street food here! A 1-STOP shop for making corn dogs, French fries, Burritos & MORE!!!!! You MAKE it YOUR WAY! GET IT NOW!!! Features: ✓ Real Pictures leaves your mouth watering! ✓ Fun Animations! ✓ Corn Dogs! ✓ French Fries! ✓ Burritos! ✓ Funnel Cakes! ✓ Fry Bread! ✓...

  • Frozen Christmas: Cookie Maker




    No oven? No cookies? No problem! This is a Bake and Make app. Decorate your cookie with frosting and candy! Choose from a gingerbread man, snowman, and much more! Add a cute Santa or some holly to top it off! Also allows you the freedom to be creative and design your own cookie, while ringing in...

  • Hot Dog Maker!




    HOT DOGS are FUN to MAKE and FUN to EAT!!! Watch them cook! Load up the Toppings! Chomp into your dog or share it with friends! Get it TODAY!! Features: ✓ Animated Campfire Cooking! ✓ Real Pictures! ✓ TONS of Toppings! ✓ THOUSANDS of hot dogs to make! ✓ Fun for all ages!

  • Bouquet Maker!




    *Newly UPDATED APP!!!* Download it now! ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ “FIVE STARS!!!” “Finally! A good MAKER app that is NOT for food!!” “Who needs e-Greetings when you can customize i-Greetings like these to share!” “Very artsy-craftsy! My kids love it!” Flower Bouquets!...

  • Sundae Maker!




    *Newly UPDATED App!* ★★★★★ “Fun, Fun, Fun! Even my dad loves this game!” ★★★★★ “Simple and easy enough for my two year old daughter to use!” ★★★★★ “So many options! I never get bored of making sundaes!” Features: ✓ High Quality Graphics! ✓ Sound Effects! ✓ THOUSANDS of combinations! ✓ Share via...

  • Christmas Snowman Maker




    Hey kids! Dress your winter snow creation to be the best snowman on the block! Christmas Snowman Maker is a great winter time app that lets kids play in the snow without getting frostbite! Have fun creating a DIY snowman out of the winter snow, then dress them up and give them a holiday makeover....

  • Airplane Food Maker




    Airplane food doesn't have to taste bad! Working as a chef in your very own kitchen, you can take your turn at cooking up high-flying food, drinks and treats, all from the comfort of your mobile device. The Airplane Food Maker app is a fun and creative way to turn your inner chef loose on the...

  • Bacon Maker




    Can you smell that sizzling bacon?! Can you hear that tummy grumble? The clock is ticking!!! It is time for you to make some bacon! With this brand new game from CrazyCats, Bacon Maker allows you the chance to cook and decorate your own bacon for breakfast!!! Download now so that your tummy...

  • Slushy Maker!




    Make Wacky Wild Crazy Slushies!! Design your Silly Cups! Choose from Fabulous Flavor mixes! Pick Out-of-this-world Straws! ADDED BONUS: Play the mini-game to earn coins and unlock MORE COOL DECORATIONS!! MAKE YOUR CRAZY SLUSHY TODAY!!! ATT'N PARENTS: Slushy Maker is free to play, but if...

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