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    Download Milkshake Maker! Make Drinks Milkshake Maker! Make Drinks icon
    Milkshake Maker! Make Drinks

    Tah-Daaah! This weekend, Charlotte will throw a super fun pajama party for her birthday celebration! And you are all invited! The day come, everybody wear their favorite pajama to Charlotte's house. There is a happy pillow fight during the party! We jump on the bed, throw the pillows, laugh and scream! After the crazy pillow fight, we are exha…

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    Download Chinese Food - Lunar New Year! Chinese Food - Lunar New Year! icon
    Chinese Food - Lunar New Year!

    Chinese New Year is coming soon! The China Town in our city gets quite busy and happy! The streets are decorated with red lanterns and New Year scrolls. Here! People flocked to the Chinese restaurants, the shops and the theater to enjoy this special festival! My friends and I also decide to join the crowd and see! There are numbers of great Chines…

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    Download Food Maker! Beach Party Food Maker! Beach Party icon
    Food Maker! Beach Party

    Warm summer days by the sea aren’t complete without a nice frozen treat! After splashing in the waves and lying on the sand all day, people want something cold to eat. Why not give them just what they need? Open your own ice cream shop at the beach! With your skills and good taste for sweets, you’ll be the hottest spot on the beach! In Beach Food…

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    Download Donut Maker Donut Maker icon
    Donut Maker

    Walking in the donut bakery is a sweet assault on your senses. The smell of tasty donuts. The beautiful colors and designs. The sweet taste as you take your first bite. Read to make your own? The only thing as good as eating donuts is making them! Are you ready to get cooking some sweet donuts? In this app, you get the chance to bake up so…

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    Download Street Food Maker - Kids Game Street Food Maker - Kids Game icon
    Street Food Maker - Kids Game

    There’s soooo much yummy food to eat! Pizza and fries, snow cones and churros! But no one place ever seems to have all the delicious foods and treats you want to eat in one place…until now! Why’s that? Because now you get to make your perfect food truck with all of your favorite foods! Street Food – Food Truck! lets you finally make the menu of yo…

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    Download Burrito Maker Burrito Maker icon
    Burrito Maker

    It’s a Mexican food fiesta in this delicious burrito cooking game. Choose from lots of different ingredients to make the tasty rolled-up burritos. Start with warm rice piled high on a flour tortilla, and top with your favorite kinds of meat. Try spicy chicken, slow-simmered pork and juicy carne asada. Then it’s time to add all sorts of toppings.…

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    Download Airplane Food Maker Airplane Food Maker icon
    Airplane Food Maker

    Airplane food doesn't have to taste bad! Working as a chef in your very own kitchen, you can take your turn at cooking up high-flying food, drinks and treats, all from the comfort of your mobile device. The Airplane Food Maker app is a fun and creative way to turn your inner chef loose on the world. Get in that kitchen and start cooking! Have…

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    Download Hot Dog Maker! Hot Dog Maker! icon
    Hot Dog Maker!

    Camping just isn’t camping without roasting a hot dog. Don’t be sad if you haven’t gone camping lately. Hot Dog Maker! is the perfect game for campfire chefs to try out with real pictures. Hot Dog Maker! is a fun new app that lets you make your favorite street food, hot dog or sausage, from scratch. Cooking your hot dog to perfection over an an…

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    Download Candy Maker Candy Maker icon
    Candy Maker

    ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ ❤❤❤ Who wants Candy? Candy is the tasty treat that every kid loves to eat! Make some YUMMY Candy! Decorate your candy with TONS of goodies and share it with your friends! ★★★★★ “This app is so cool! You actually get to mix, melt, and mold the chocolate!” ★★★★★ “There is no other app like it on the market like th…

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    Download Pie Maker - Sweet Dessert Game Pie Maker - Sweet Dessert Game icon
    Pie Maker - Sweet Dessert Game

    Warm pie straight out of the oven with a dollop of ice cream or whipped cream. That sounds tasty! Are you ready to get cooking at the bakery? Time to make some yummy pies! One of the best foods known to humankind is the pie. Think you have what it takes to open up your own bakery to make some amazing pies that customers will line up around the bl…

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