• StikPic





    Pick a Stik and take a Pic! StikPic is a fun way to take photos with your friends and/or family. The idea is simple! Create a StikPic profile or login with Facebook! Once you have logged in, you can connect with your friends/family on the StikPic app! Browse around the StikPic social...

  • Piccibank





    Original emoji style images that you can create fun messages to text, email, facebook, This personalises your texts, e mails and other social media with your own designs with your favourite memories places and people. Approximately 7,500 predictive 'emoji' style images which...

  • ShootOut Club

    ShootOut Club




    The "Shoot Out Club" App is a useful tool that could be considered almost essential to download for a Shoot Out Club weekend. The App allows you to select your weekend and view its Itinerary, Skittle Scores and share/rate your weekend photos. The simple to use interface lets you: -...

  • Visit Tavistock

    Visit Tavistock




    Visit Tavistock Smartphone Application is completely free for users to use and redeem offers and discounts. How many times have you forgotten to take the discount voucher when you go out for a meal? By contrast, you hardly ever forget your phone. It’s usually always with you and Visit Tavistock...

  • Pub Skittles Lite

    Pub Skittles Lite




    Play pub skittles on your phone anytime, anywhere and without the need of a skittle alley! One of the oldest pub sports and the best fun to be had with three balls! Get your eye in and with the flick of a finger knock down some pins, hear your team cheer for your scores, get a spare or a...

  • Animal Organiser

    Animal Organiser




    The best Android application for managing all your Pet's important dates, veterinary details and more. The Animal Organiser App has been created to help you remember all your pets important dates and set up reminders, but it is much... much more! Create your pet’s profile and upload...

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