Creating Genius

  • Food Pantry Helper


    Food Pantry Helper allows local Food Pantries to give out the right amount of foods as per the HPNAP Minimum Food Guide. Just enter the amount of household members and Food Pantry Helper will tell you the amount of food items to give. This APP support speech.

  • ePlague




    ePlague lets you create your own E-fectious disease which will spread when you come into close contact to others who have the app. Those who become E-fected then E-fect others and the epidemic begins. World Alert! ePlague devastation has begun! E-fectious diseases are spreading throughout the...

  • Beast War - Beast vs. Beast




    Beast War - Beast Against Beast. Pick your Beast and fight until the death. Orcs, Goblins, Orgs, Hunters, etc.... This exciting third person Death Match Game will keep you fighting until your drop. Get it Now! Music: Satiate - Only Percussion Kevin MacLeod ( Game Developed by...

  • GeoScenes Photos for Picasa




    GeoScenes Photos for Picasa allows you to view your public Picasa / Google + Photos.

  • GeoScene for Google + Photos




    GeoScene for Google Picasa / Google + Photos is a tool to manage your Google Plus Photos. View your photos, View Photos that are Geo Tagged for your current location, and upload new photos. GeoScene most exciting feature lets you view photos that were taken at the same Geo Location that you...

  • Zombie Spitball




    Yuck Them Zombies Up! Zombies have taken over your school's gym, your job is to YUCK THEM UP with spitballs. Armed with only a Straw and an unlimited supply of Spitballs, you get to use all the skills your learned from your childhood. Disclaimer: No Zombies were hurt during the gameplay of...

  • Tic Tac Toe WiFi Direct


    Tic Tac Toe WiFi Direct is not just your basic Tic Tac Toe Game, it's lets you play against an opponent without being connected to a wifi hotspot or the internet. It uses a peer to peer (wifi direct) connection between two Android 4.0 or above devices.

  • Pet Medical Tracker 2012


    Pet Medical Health Tracker 2012 allows you to log Vets, Vet Visits, Health Issues and Medications. Application Function Features include: Add up to 24 Pets (enough to add all your Dogs, Cats, Turtles, etc....). Pet section includes Name, Address (optional) and Owner Phone # (optional). Health...

  • Medical Tracker 2012


    Medical Health Tracker Log allows you to log Doctors, Doctor Visits, Health Issues and Medications. Add patients (family members, friends, or whomever you need medical information for), then add doctors, log doctor visits, health issues (health log), & medications. Application Function...

  • Pet Medical Tracker Log App




    Pet Medical Log Tracker App lets you track your Pet's Medical information and history. Add pets, add Vets, log Vet visits, health issues, & medications ( drugs - prescriptions ). The Pet Medical Health Tracker Log app is the perfect solution for logging all your Pet's Medical needs....

  • Medical Health Tracker




    Medical Tracker allows you to track your medical details and history. Add/edit your Doctors, track Doctor Visits and future appointments, log Health Issues and add/edit your Medications ( drugs - prescriptions ). Add your Medical information (for yourself, family members, friends, etc..), add...

  • FU Oil Corp Strikes Again!




    Love Big Oil Companies? Then you are really going to Love FU Oil Corp. Follow along with the genius in the boardroom and in the field.

  • Maja Soaps & Beauty Products


    Maja Soaps and Maja Beauty Products. Get Daily Discounts on all Maja products. Also offered are Magno, Heno, Ziaja, LaToja.

  • Tip Calculator Genius Plus




    Tip Genius is Dining Tip Calculator which allows you to enter bill amount, tip amount and how many parties to split the bill with. Fully functional Tip Calc program.

  • Vuvuzela Horn




    Vuvuzela Horn Player. You too can feel like you are always at the World Cup!

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