• Unit Converter

    Unit Converter




    ⏎ Searching for unit converter free download? Search no more! This is one of those “tool apps” that features unit conversion calculator. Convert as a real PRO! ⏎ Conversion of units is the conversion between different units of measurement for the same quantity, typically through multiplicative...

  • Dog Whistle

    Dog Whistle




    You have a naughty dog? Forget about expensive dog training classes! Here comes the best free Dog Whistle app for AndroidTM that will help you for sure. Whistles for dogs have a much greater advantage in dog training in relation to human voices and represent excellent dog training equipment....

  • My Baby Name

    My Baby Name




    Stay away from the most popular baby names! Get “My Baby Name” app and give your little angel unique and unusual or modern baby name! Picking the right name for your little baby is extremely important and somewhat of a challenge given all the choices. "My Baby Name" is android app for...

  • Islamic radios

    Islamic radios




    Islamic Radios is one of the best Islamic apps for Android. It is made for all the Muslim brothers and sisters around the world. This radio app is a collection of the most popular Islam radio stations around the world. No matter where you are, you can always listen to your favorite radio...

  • Blue Mosque Live Wallpaper

    Blue Mosque Live Wallpaper




    Feel the magic of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul! Beautify your home screen with magnificent Blue Mosque Live Wallpaper app! If you admire Islamic art and architecture you will certainly recognize the beauty of the Sultan Ahmed Mosque which is popularly known as the Blue Mosque for the blue tiles...

  • Hagia Sophia Live Wallpaper

    Hagia Sophia Live Wallpaper




    Enjoy Hagia Sophia Live Wallpaper! This is a moving image of a great architectural beauty and an important monument both for Byzantine and for Ottoman Empires. Once a church, later a mosque, and now a museum at the Turkish Republic, Hagia Sophia is universally acknowledged as one of the great...

  • Mid Shaban Live Wallpaper

    Mid Shaban Live Wallpaper




    Shaban Mubarak! Prepare for the night of superior merit with Mid Shaban Live Wallpaper! Download this beautifully designed app with a silhouette of a man praying under the night sky full of shining stars and crescent. Mid Shaban Live Wallpaper is here to remind you of true values that Islam is...

  • Ramadan Live wallpaper

    Ramadan Live wallpaper




    Ramadan Mubarak! Dear true believers, we finally represent you the most beautiful Ramadan Live wallpaper! It is made for all the Muslims around the world who celebrate this beautiful holiday. Set it as a home screen during Ramadan to remind yourself to be merciful towards all the people around...

  • Süleymaniye Mosque

    Süleymaniye Mosque




    Beautify your home screen with the image of one of the most beautiful mosques! Download Süleymaniye Mosque Live Wallpaper and make your android phone unique. Enjoy the magnificent image of Süleymaniye Mosque floating on a cloud in the blue sky with the rays of light from above illuminating the...

  • Birds Live wallpaper

    Birds Live wallpaper




    Get wonderful BIRDS LIVE WALLPAPER FREE app and make your phone funny and interesting! These colorful exotic birds seesaw on a tree branch and look so cute. The two toucans are ideal for your home screen when you install them as animated wallpaper....

  • Cute Nature Live Wallpaper

    Cute Nature Live Wallpaper




    Cute Nature Live Wallpaper is an adorable application with lively and colorful images of landscape with cute cartoon-like animals and plants. This Cute Nature animated wallpaper app fits in every screen size and makes you smile every time you look at your AndroidTM phone....

  • Tiny Monster Live Wallpaper

    Tiny Monster Live Wallpaper




    Tiny Monster Live Wallpaper is the cutest moving wallpaper FREE app! This monster high quality live wallpaper can help push you into a positive mood and warm up your heart. Download this lively animated wallpaper and enjoy this winking tiny monster!...

  • Gangsta Live Wallpapers

    Gangsta Live Wallpapers




    Yo git golden gansta live wallpaper fo' yo' phone AndroidTM. This is a free app, ya' know what I'm sayin'? Gangsta live wallpaper in 3d goes round an' round on 100 bones bill background. U haven’t seen this much gangster live wallpapers for boys. You can be sure you’ll...

  • Sky Mosque Live Wallpaper

    Sky Mosque Live Wallpaper




    Power to Islam! Sky Mosque Live Wallpaper is here to remind you that your faith is still strong. With this live wallpaper you will be sure that Allah is always with you. This cute Sky Mosque Live Wallpaper has an image with the Islamic symbols of the crescent with a little mosque inside. It is...

  • Quba Mosque Live Wallpaper

    Quba Mosque Live Wallpaper




    Assalamu Alaikum! We proudly present you new Quba Mosque Live Wallpaper free app with the image of the oldest mosque in the world. Make your home screen beautiful with the moving image of a mosque in Medina. Quba Mosque floats on a cloud with the clear sky and rays of light illuminating this...

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