• Easy Status




    With the app, to update your Facebook status is just a single touch! The app lets you maintain a list of your favorite status message. With a single tap, it will post to your Facebook account. If you are in a hurry and wants to update the status without typing the same message over and over...

  • Biggest Font




    Top 6 reasons you need this app 1. show biggest letter on your screen for teaching, for spelling, or for fun! 2. it is free 3. no any permission required, no risk 4. no ad 5. you can speak to it too 6. what else you need?

  • Special Call




    You silence the phone, but you do not want the silence from someone special: girlfriend, dad, son, wife, husband. I know you want to silence some forever :) The app let you make a list of contacts, which will ring even the phone is in silent mode. With this little app, the phone will always...

  • Send Location




    Easy and secure way to send out location information. No third party sniffing. Three simple steps: 1) pick up a location on map or use the current location. 2) select a contact 3) send it. You can send it as email or text and the message goes directly to the intended ones and no third...

  • Speak for me




    Let the phone speak for you! * Train your phone to say the things you wish you could say * Tease a friend or quiet a co-worker with your phone * Don't get in trouble for what you say; blame your phone instead The app lets you create a list of texts, and with a tap of "Speak"...

  • PubMed Mobile




    Search PubMed database with over 21 million citations for biomedical articles and life science journals Features Keyword search with options Save search query Save citations Email citations View abstract link to full article if available Post a comment for an article to public...

  • PubMed Mobile Pro




    More features in Pro version: tap to search an author tap to search the journal related citations Post a comment for an article to public Write a note to yourself View public comments for an article search by PubMed ID, just enter the id in the search box To migrate your saved...

  • Key: Minerals (Earth Science)




    This app is for students of earth science and geology enthusiasts. It is an interactive key to identify common minerals. Simply select a characteristic of a mineral and enter the matching character values, such as color and luster. The app will present you with possible identifications including...

  • Picture Frame Dial Widget




    Display your favorite picture on home screen, associated with a phone number. With a single touch of the picture, the number is placed in dialer. With the app, you can: * easily dial a number by simple touch of the picture. * let grand parent see your picture and talk to you with single tap *...

  • Plants




    This is a plant database for plant lovers and plant professionals to get quick info about plant classification, characters, distribution... You can browse plants by families, genus, search by common name or scientific name, and state. The detail species page include major characters and...

  • Contact Map




    If you have many contacts with address, this app will help you put them on map. You can find the contacts by simply moving the map, typing an zip/address, or using current location. view contacts in list make a note, create an event, call/sms... Support for big screen new: group...

  • Linked Contact




    Easily sync LinkedIn connection pictures to the phone contacts! Each connection can be added as a new contact or linked to an existing contact. Once they linked, with single touch, all the pictures can be sync to the phone. You will never miss your connection updated picture. Buttons:...

  • My Phone Number Widget




    This widget can display your phone number on the home screen for easy access. Features * change text size * change text color * editable phone number for display * auto save the edited phone number, text size and color With the widget, you can show your phone number right away.

  • Speed Dial




    Add shortcuts on the home screen to call, to put the number in dialer, to SMS/email, in just one single touch Features: multiple e-mail/sms in single icon editable label default SMS message, email subject/content "Widget" with bigger icon pick any photo from your phone New: add...

  • Patent Search Free




    Search over 70 million patent documents worldwide from EPO (European Patent Office). * Simply enter keywords and start the search. * Automatic loading at the end of scroll. * Detail view of abstract and other info * Easy link to EPO web site Give a try, it is free! NOTE: This is a...

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