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Download Tank 90 Tank 90 icon
Tank 90

[Grand Update] You must download this version of Tank 90 or you will miss the marvellous joys here: 1) the long-time expected WiFi battle vs friends is available now. Connect you to all Android device, like droid phones and droid Pads! Connect you to all Apple devices, like iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and iMac, MacBook, Mac computers. 2) Win one h…

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Download Lucky Stars - PopStars 满天星 Lucky Stars - PopStars 满天星 icon
Lucky Stars - PopStars 满天星

Version 2.0.0 Updates: Grand updates after several years, we hope you will love me much more! 1) Update the UI design, make it clean and clear, the new stars are very cool and cute; 2) Add duo-color stars and full-color stars, touch your finger wise; 3) Add 4 different game modes, besides the classic one, * Rearrange Mode, r…

Free 3.4K 8.4

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Download BlackJack - Daily 21 Points BlackJack - Daily 21 Points icon
BlackJack - Daily 21 Points

Black Jack - Daily 21 points, supports Insurance, "Straight Flush" and "Five Dragon" inside. Blackjack, also known as twenty-one, is the most widely played casino banking game in the world. Blackjack is a comparing card game between a player and dealer and played with one or more decks of 52 cards. The player or players are de…

Free 3.3K 8.2

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Download Fruit Link HD Fruit Link HD icon
Fruit Link HD

Classical Fruit Link HD from App Store, and now available on Android Market! Grand Updates for version 2.0: Add two new game modes: Timed Mode and Hell Mode! Timed Mode: Initially 15 seconds, add 3 seconds after each match. Hell Mode: 130 seconds time limit, and add a new pair of pictures for each 4 seconds. Time is tight, Welcome players to ha…

Free 2.4K 8.4

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Download Chinese Chess - Online Chinese Chess - Online icon
Chinese Chess - Online

Add Online Game Hall for Chinese Chess; Add tips for pieces to select; You can choose AI level manually, and retract at most once for each game round; This is a software for chinese chess level benchmarks. If you pass all levels, your chess level will be similar to professional level 2. Chess requires the simplicity. the UI is simple to help you…

Free 1.2K 7.4

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Download Chess - Online Game Hall Chess - Online Game Hall icon
Chess - Online Game Hall

Play with your friends on online chess game; Practise and upgrade your levels for Offline mode. Practice more and supprise your friends later on Online Ches! All UI are very simple, so you can focus on Chess itself. Hope you like it and enjoy it every day!

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Download Chinese Checkers Online Chinese Checkers Online icon
Chinese Checkers Online

[Grand Update, Must Download!] or you will miss the new features here : * Optimize the 5 jumper AIs; * Add Onine Game Hall, you can play it with your friends; * Add Tips, FootSteps; * Add Fast Paced Jump to jump over multiple empty grids. Especially, you can enjoy all above free! The most popular Chinese Checkers on App Store, over 1 000 000 downl…

Free 894 7.6

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Download Fruit Link Link Go! Fruit Link Link Go! icon
Fruit Link Link Go!

Fruit Link Link Go, the most classic link go games on Apple's App Store, and now it is on Android! Help: Click on two same pictures/icons, if the lines connect them are not more than 3, and no touch on other pictures/icons, then these two pictures/icons are removed. There is TIME LIMIT for each level! There are tips(you can use it in limited…

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Download Jump LR Jump LR icon
Jump LR

Knock down Doodle Jump, Kick away Piano Tiles! The most fun brain in history, simple taps to jump, but hard to reach the ideal goals, each time you will end in regret! Jump up step by step, left or right? Step carefully, Step accurately. A small mistake, lead to a big panic! It is better to taps in two hands, the left thumb taps on the left to j…

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Download Lucky Stars 2 - Pop all stars Lucky Stars 2 - Pop all stars icon
Lucky Stars 2 - Pop all stars

The most popular star crush games now have its version 2! So fantastic new features supported, you must download it now! 1) Classical play rules, and now has three different modes! Classic, Timed, or Stepped, There must be one for your favor! 2) Two totally different themes, Colors and Shapes, the color-insenstive can choose shape theme. there mus…

Free 1.3K 8.4

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