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  • Gumi Puzzle

    Gumi Puzzle




    Trace and connect same color characters to erase a lot! Exciting tracing puzzle game! - How to play Draw line by finger to coonnect characters of the same color to erase rapidly. When large amount of characters are erased, bonus point is awarded. Stage clear conditions are set to each stage...

  • Cat Life

    Cat Life




    An exciting puzzle game for pet lovers! Solve the jewel-block puzzle to get cute cats! Raise the cats, feed them & pass your leisure time happily! *** How to play *** ☆ Block Clearance Arrange three or more same color blocks together to collect them. If more blocks are put together at once,...

  • Brick Buster

    Brick Buster




    BrickBuster is an exciting brick breaking game! Move the bar carefully to control the ball movement and to destroy the blocks. The ball will bounch on the horizontal bar and also on the side walls! Ball is emitted when you touch the bar, The bar moves to left and right when you drag to the...

  • Tic-Tac-Toe





    Tic-tac-toe is a simple game for two players, X and O, who take turns marking the spaces in a 3×3 grid. The player who succeeds in placing three respective marks in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row wins the game.

  • 5.9
    Bubble Honey

    Bubble Honey




    A well-designed and simple puzzle for fans of the bubble shooting saga

  • Knights of Castle

    Knights of Castle




    Refreshing! Thinking type new RPG Fantasy game! Your target is to make the strongest Knight of the castle using the anime characters! Using of unit types and combination of attack are the keys to be victorious! *** Game Details *** ■ Quest Explore the adventure to become the mighty knight of...

  • 5.0
    Find difference

    Find difference




    Look closely and find the differences

  • Jewel Knight - Simple puzzle

    Jewel Knight - Simple puzzle




    Refreshing puzzle game with jewels and Knight! There are many colorful crystal jewels! Some are special with Knight! Your target is to connect same kind of jewels! When 3 or more same kind of jewels are joined together, they are erased! Furthermore, various effects will be demonstrated if...

  • One Touch Drawing by Creation

    One Touch Drawing by Creation




    Over 400 user stage posts! "One Stroke Drawing" is an application where one player can play stages created by other player! The creation of new stage is very simple and will be shared world wide. Just draw by passing through all lines of a shape without lifting the finger! -----...

  • Bingo





    The number one BINGO simulator!! A smart simulator of bingo game that makes your BINGO life more exciting! Game Modes : --- Normal mode --- You have fixed number of default coins in your hand. Now you set a Bet of a number with a fixed amount of coin. You will win your bet as remuneration if...

  • Square Clash

    Square Clash




    A high speed block puzzle game !! Quickly arrange & erase the color blocks coming down from the top !! ----- Rule ----- Arrange three or more same type blocks together in horizontally or vertically to erase. You can move a block into one vacant position at any direction. Enjoy special...

  • Baccarat





    This is "Baccarat" which is one of classical casino game. The rule is that cards 2?9 are worth face value, cards 10, J, Q, and K are worth zero, and card aces are worth 1 point. Player draws cards, and sums the value. The best possible score is 9. You bet on which player or banker...

  • Robot Factory

    Robot Factory




    ロボット仕訳けは、壊れたロボットをひたすら仕分けるゲームです。 *ロボット以外は無視しましょう。 *3回ミスするとゲームオーバーです。 ※ワールドランキング機能を実装 ------------------------------------------ BGM:「フリー音楽素材MusMus」 効果音:「フリー効果音素材...

  • Magic Clash

    Magic Clash




    "The Magic Crash" is an exciting magic puzzle game with beautiful animation and characteristic magic! Enter the dungeon and attempt to clear the stage to put in hand the magic! Along with Summon - a lovely hero, try to experience the magic of puzzles and the adventure....

  • Poker





    Classic poker card game is here! ! Betting BET, earn Gold made ​​the role! ! Attempt to compete with players around the world that they have money in hand! !

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