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Download Brick Breaker Dragon Brick Breaker Dragon icon
Brick Breaker Dragon

Based on arkanoid, exhilarating game ♪ was little changed Anyone seen simple operation! ■ Slide the paddle to the left or right, bounce the ball! This alone exhilarating breakout can enjoy ♪ More and more to go stage, interesting gimmick, unique enemies! And quite powerful boss. Please to capture fun with a variety of power-up items. Brick Break…

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Download Aliens Aliens icon

Have fun with unique Aliens and Puzzles! Become Allies with adorable Aliens living on different planets and clear tons of different stages with them! ---------------------------------------------------------- Easy!Refreshing!Puzzle Game! Download "Aliens" for FREE! No annoying registration or setup required! --------------------------…

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Download Ghost Town Ghost Town icon
Ghost Town

Welcome to Ghost Town! Let's go adventuring with unique partners! You can use the resources which you collected to build and expand your own shop and house. Try decorating your own town to satisfy ghosts! ◆◇◆◇introduction◇◆◇◆ ◆Ghost rampage with simple play! It is easy to change your team formation and launch skill just with semi-auto sys…

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Download Circle Shoot Circle Shoot icon
Circle Shoot

Circle Shoot is a game that can play a bit of free time. Predicts the movement of the circle around with a constant rhythm, just hit the balls of the same color. It 's that much of the rules, you should feel the exhilaration that carelessly become a habit. Movement of the circle different. Let assess the timing to remember the movement of a c…

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Download Cook Bash Cook Bash icon
Cook Bash

CookBash is a game Makai of cooking people seeking an organism that becomes the food, travel cooking people and in Makai unique companion. How To Play Screen Tap and attack! ! Let's get the coins to defeat the enemy! ! In get the coins and try to summon the cooking people friendly! ! Power-up and skills of the release can be! ! The defeat a pa…

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Download Climbing Frog Climbing Frog icon
Climbing Frog

Let's climb while dodging the enemy successfully by operating in tap the frog to a unique movement! ☆ How to play ☆ ・Method of operation When you tap when the frog is in the ground to jump. Frog will stick to the ceiling and stretched the tongue toward the ceiling when you tap again in the jump! You can go up to the stage of the above when y…

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Download Kaku Kaku Kaku Kaku icon
Kaku Kaku

KakuKaku is an interesting puzzle game to create original shape by putting dissected parts together. Lots of fun but easy to play! You are given different parts of a shape and a board to fill up. Drag a part to the board. Tap to rotate the parts as necessary. Fill up the board by putting the parts in correct position and in right alignment. The…

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Download Side Step Side Step icon
Side Step

☆ How to play ☆ On the right side when you tap the right side of the screen, ball is moved to the left when you tap the left side! Let 's go while avoiding obstacles by operating the well ball! Number of obstacles and types increases as advance the stage, it will become more and more difficult!

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Download Running Man Running Man icon
Running Man

Exciting running game! Run with speed, but be careful! The track is full of killer wooden pillars! Avoid the collision to survive! How To Play: Easy to play. Just tap on the screen to generate speed of running. The pillars are moving up and down. Your target is to continue running by avoiding collision with the pillars. Run longer and increase y…

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Download TicTacToe TicTacToe icon

Tic-tac-toe is a simple game for two players, X and O, who take turns marking the spaces in a 3×3 grid. The player who succeeds in placing three respective marks in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row wins the game.

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