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    TarotWomanLite is a tarot card reading app designed to be fun and easy to use. It mimics visiting a real tarot card fortune teller as closely as possible. You can ask your question by speaking, writing or thinking it. The fortune teller will then read your cards out to you. You can also scroll down and read them yourself. The spread comprises 3 ca…

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    An Ogham/Ogam app for your Android device. Contains the original 20 Ogham feda or "runes" of the Ancient Celts. Each Ogham character symbolises a letter, and they were carved into wood, skin, bone and stone in ancient times. Each Ogham also symbolises a tree or plant, and contains mysterious and magical Druid lore, some of which is sti…

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    Totem Animals

    Totem Animals is designed to help you develop a relationship with your totem animals, also known as power animals or animal spirit guides. Totem Animals currently contains 75 animals (20 are available immediately and you unlock the others by granting wishes to your totems. If you have upgraded from the free version, make sure you are running the…

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    ** WARNING - CONTAINS BRITISH HUMOUR! ** RudeDroid was originally commissioned by an ambitious alternative comedian, keen to find the next "tit witch", "smell my cheese" or "beef curtains" to make his name in the cut-throat world of alternative comedy. As RudeDroid slowly took form, the comedian's behaviour becam…

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