Crown of 12 Stars

  • Learn the Catholic Prayers




    Catholic Apps for Catholics by a Catholic! Over 20 prayers! Adding more every month! This app is to help those who may be interested in learning the basic prayers of the Catholic Church, or those who are new to the Church. It is also great for the little ones who are still learning and will...

  • May Devotions to Mary




    May is the Month of Mary for Catholics. Traditionally, the May has been dedicated to the Celebration and devotions of Mary, Jesus’ Mother. Throughout the history of the Church, various Popes have instituted and expanded the celebrations dedicated to Mary this month including laying of flowers and...

  • Prayers for the Ailing




    This app includes Catholic Novenas and Prayers to various Saints for those Sick and Ailing in both text and audio format. Now this app should not be a substitute for any kind of spiritual consolation by a priest or those in need of personal absolution. I just wanted to make an app so that...

  • Mini Rosary




    Take advantage of all that time you are stuck in traffic and get some praying done! The Rosary is a beautiful devotional used by the Catholic Church to honor the Holy Mother Mary. Sometimes there just isn't time to pray a full five decades of the Rosary. Now there is a one decade version...

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