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  • UB Location




    Using this application one can set Reminders based on Location, Automatic Profile Change based On Location Automatic Wallpaper change according to Location GEOFencing Services One can share own Current Location via SMS/EMAIL GPS Services will be required for Location Information

  • Pills Reminder


    Pills Reminder reminds you to take your Pills(Medicines) at the desired time every day, stopping reminders automatically on the status become off and rescheduling automatically when the status is Become on. This app Reminds you also to take pills via SMS also. By Adding your member in member...





    Welcome to GTU Result Notifier GTU Result Notifier is a free application which checks the GTU site for new results and gives you a message notification if any new result gets updated. It uses push notifications to give you alerts about new results. Note that the notifications will persist...

  • Gujarat Election 2012 Result




    Ads Free Version Voting Result is an Android App + Widget that shows the result of Gujarat Assembly Election Result You can Get more Results on http://onlyresult.com or By Sending SMS @csitpark to 9266592665

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