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Definitely looking game! "Misfit"! Touch to find a misfit! The time limit is 30 seconds! Do you solve some? Misfit finding that is added to the collection. You can also check the best corner in the rankings.

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Defend the neighborhood!

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C's Pot appli, samurai game appearance! instant reaction game, "BATTOU". Enemy appeared, flick the screen! Defeat the enemy, you can get a card. Collect all cards. Aim! Peerless champion! There is also ranking corner, Can be checked as well as the best reflexes. When you get the sword, you can also change the equipment. First choi…

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Follow the instructions of the boss, Complete the skyscraper!

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Let's SuikaWari

C's Pot, game appli! "Let's SuikaWari" SuikaWari is known as the Summer Games in Japan. In this game, "Let's SuikaWari". Tilt the phone up, down, left or right, move the stick. Touch the button when the bar according to the watermelon! Break the challenge or many pieces in 30 seconds! Try turning the best!

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Download Dino Park[Live Wallpaper] Dino Park[Live Wallpaper] icon
Dino Park[Live Wallpaper]

C's Pot, Live Wallpaper Third bullet! Live Wall paper "Dino Park" I expressed the dinosaurs live in the predicament. When you touch the screen, lava falls. In addition to the lava, you can select, meteorites, hailstone and variations. When moving the screen, slide the three-dimensional layers of perspective. If there is a kind of…

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Get to touch a coin! Repel a thief in batter! Find the Happy Rabbit Fever! You can Gacha in five tickets. Billionaire aim!

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Popular Nyanta is back in "Pad Touch!" Nyanta became the mascot of C's Pot now. It's a rampage in CatPunch!! new characters has been increased this time. Punch! On the side where the fish are. Update the best time in the CatPunch! You can get "NYAON" If you clear the game. You can Gacha once for 500 NYAON. Get card i…

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