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  • 1O1O




    A personalised Service App allows you to manage your 1O1O account and services anytime while you are on the go. 1O1O ensures you get the most out of our premium services • 1O1O brings you a new mobile experience with your Android device. With the latest information 24/7, the 1O1O Service App...

  • csl.




    A personalised service app allows you to stay in control of your personal mobile usage with up to date information from csl. ‧ csl brings you a new mobile experience with your Android device. With the latest information 24/7, the csl Service App offers you instant access to the services you...

  • Call Manager App




    Call Manager brings Hong Kong 1O1O and csl designated customers the ultimate flexibility and convenience of using call and SMS management features. Whether you want to block nuisance or anonymous calls, allow only selected callers to reach you when you are traveling or in a meeting, or simply...

  • Musicholic




    Musicholic™ 搜羅超過一百萬首及高達25種不同類型的歌曲及MV, 包括本地及國際最新歌曲及MV, 日日更新, 讓你秒秒鐘緊貼熱爆音樂潮!選用Musicholic™, 你就是真正樂迷!, 功能介紹: - 至IN音樂介面、簡單易用 - 預設14日免費體驗,絕不自動收費! - 備有全城各大熱榜推介歌曲方便下載 - 所有歌曲均設有試聽功能,你可先試聽,後下載至手機 - 睇住歌詞,邊聽邊唱,讓你細味歌曲所有意義 - 音樂隨身, 離線亦可收聽已下載歌曲 - 一個價錢即可透過手機、電腦隨時任聽任睇 如果你已是Musicholic用戶,安裝程式後登入立即就可以使用!...

  • MyRoom




    MyRoom is a personal cloud service for customers of 1O1O and csl. Registered customers can easily and securely store, sync, share contents and access their contacts and calendars in the Cloud across different platforms (iOS, Android, Web, Mac & PC). Lost your phone? Rest assured your MyRoom...

  • 自選黃金屋




    自選黃金屋是一個知識無限的書庫。透過自選黃金屋,您可輕鬆地在手機,按您個人喜好及品味無限盡覽超過一萬本書籍。 無論離線或在線模式均可以盡情閱覽群書。 功能介紹: - 超過一萬本圖書隨時下載 - 所有圖書均設有試閱功能,你可先試閱,後下載 - 繁體簡體隨時轉換 - 附設1O1O客戶專享圖書 - 附設csl客戶專享圖書 - 給喜愛圖書評分,發表己見 -...





    Taxi King, which supports voice input, allows you to easily catch a cab on the street. You can also connect to your selected agents and add your usual routes to a ‘My Favourite’ list, so you can order your cab more effectively and successfully. Main Functions: - Input pick-up point and...

  • 的士柯打服務(司機版)




    「的士柯打服務」是一項專為的士司機而設的一站式的士柯打分流及柯打服務,協助的士司機能夠透過手機有效、迅速地將乘客柯打分發給其的士好友、有關的士團隊或協會、甚至所有已安裝本應用程式的的士司機。同時,本應用程能夠作為一個收發器,透過手機就能夠接收到其好友、有關的士團隊及協會所分發的柯打,從而増加的士司機接「柯打」的效率,令使用的司機可彼此分享龐大的士客源。 主要功能: 叫車功能 – 可用語音及手動發柯打 接柯打功能 – 簡易地按一個鍵就可接柯打 自定柯打流程 – 可根據現實業界狀況設定柯打流程 自定好友名單 – 可與好友更快的分享柯打 定位分發柯打 – 根據你目前的位置分發柯打...

  • 自選Studio




    「自選Studio」,讓你無須留在家中收看精彩電視節目、新聞與精華內容及兒童頻道。 *此服務只適用於1O1O或csl月費計劃用戶

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