• Snake & Ladders




    This is a famous old game for children. Play Snake & Ladders against your Android phone. On reaching the top square 100, you win the game. Throw the dice and move the coin. * Added 2 player support. * Supports Push notification ads.

  • Break Dance




    Very great fun app to see a break dance. You can stop the dance and change the steps. Hence the break dance steps are so fun.

  • Guess the Celebrity




    Think your favorite celebrity in the world. This application will guess who the celebrity is in your mind. After the guess, you will see the picture of the person whom you guessed. You are sure to be shocked, bewildered, amazed. Note : Entertainment only

  • GamePro - Games Database




    Browse through amazing database of content from GamePro.com. The content is provided by api.gamepro.com. You can browse content by platform and search by title including screenshots, news, reviews etc. Note : The application contains Ads.

  • Balloon Buster




    This game is all about shooting the highest balloon on the screen. The player is provided with various colored balloons at the bottom on the screen. You need to touch the button whose colored balloon or bonus that is on top of the screen. If the number of balls on the screen becomes 20 the game...

  • TMDb - Movies Browser




    The TMDb app provides you information about movies and actors. The information in this app comes from http://www.themoviedb.org which is an open source where users can update movie information. You can search for your favourite movie/actors and get all the information including trailer, movie...

  • Best Deals




    Best Deals brings the latest deals,discounts and price drops with various shops. The user can look at the price of products in various stores before buying it and choose the best price.

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