• PressureNet




    By downloading PressureNet you are a citizen scientist helping make weather forecasts more accurate! PressureNet is a network of crowdsourced weather sensors. We automatically collect atmospheric pressure measurements using barometers in new Android devices. We're sharing this data with...

  • T minus Countdown




    T minus allows you to count down to personalized events. Widgets can be created for each event, ideal useful for long term countdowns. Fullscreen mode shows a beautiful view with a down-to-the-second timer. Current Features - Down-to-the-second precision on countdowns - Down-to-the-minute...

  • DoodleCam Beta




    DoodleCam Beta is a camera app with a twist: It chooses from our collection of monsters, alien spaceships (and other things!) and automatically inserts them into pictures you take. This is the first beta release of the app and contains a simple set of features to show you our ideas. We plan on...

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