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Download Budgerigar Trial Budgerigar Trial icon

Budgerigar Trial

Budgerigar is a Midi Sequencer.This is the trial version of Budgerigar...

Free | 7.8 169

7.8 Users
Download Budgerigar - Midi Sequencer Budgerigar - Midi Sequencer icon

Budgerigar - Midi Sequencer

Budgerigar is a Midi Sequencer. 16tracks (16channels) GM : 128 instru...

¥325 ¥350 | 8.4 123

8.4 Users
Download Musical Ears Musical Ears icon

Musical Ears

Musical Ears is music ear training App to feed perfect pitch or relati...

$1.47 | 7.8 28

7.8 Users
Download Eraser Stamp for New Year card Eraser Stamp for New Year card icon

Eraser Stamp for New Year card

Eraser Stamps for New Year's cards in Japan. Please enjoy Japanese...

Free | 6 6

6 Users
Download droidPecker droidPecker icon


droidPecker, tap like a woodpecker. This App is a time trial game. All...

Free | 7.8 9

7.8 Users
Download one digit division one digit division icon

one digit division

This App "one digit ÷" is one digit division training App. A...

Free | 7.6 4

7.6 Users
Download 81 numbers ascend memory 81 numbers ascend memory icon

81 numbers ascend memory

This App "81 numbers ascend memory" is a game to look for nu...

Free | 10 3

10 Users
Download one digit multiplication one digit multiplication icon

one digit multiplication

This is a Multiplication table training App. And this is a speed puzzl...

Free | 8 3

8 Users
Download one digit addition one digit addition icon

one digit addition

This App "one digit +" is one digit addition training App. A...

Free | 5 4

5 Users
Download MelodyMelody MelodyMelody icon


MelodyMelody is a clasical memory match game by melodies and auditory...

¥125 ¥120 | 8 9

8 Users

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