Cute Mobile Games

  • Bird Land Paradise


    Welcome to Paradise for Birds, breeding game unlike any other! In this magical and exotic game you can raise and breed colorful and alluring birds! AMAZING BIRDS Get on board of Birdland Paradise and improve your day with a numerous and colorful species of birds. Cutest budgies, awesome...

  • Fluffster




    Fluffster is a little cute and fuzzy monster, but he gets sad very quickly and he needs your help. You can make Fluffster happy just by Tickling, pressing, poking, shaking, stroking or hi fiving him. However, taking care of Fluffy is not that easy, you need to manage all this action in a short...

  • Fish Adventure




    Fish Adventure is a virtual aquarium which you can fill up with colorful and beautiful fish and other sea creatures. Here, you can take care of underwater nature, raise beautiful fishes and creatures in your fish tanks and create your undersea world with vibrant aquariums; which you can showcase...

  • 5.0

    Bird Land




    Take care of the aviary and make the birds happy

  • Little Detective




    Little Detective is a hidden object game designed specifically for kids; it will help your kids to improve their focus as well as their visual skills; it is suitable for almost all ages and is perfect as an after-school activity. In this game your kids can visit grandma’s place and help granny...

  • Amazing Emma - Kids Education




    Entertaining and fun educational games for toddlers and kids! The Amazing Emma will help your child to improve his/her memory and focus; she will also teach them colors, animals and counting through entertaining and colorful graphics, gifts and audio effects. What is included? • Memory game •...

  • WooFoo - Kid Game




    WooFoo is simple kid game which will keep your kids entertained. Game is featuring cute animals making funny sounds and doing funny actions. Frogs are eating bugs, cats are meowing, dogs are barking. Dinosaur and lion roaring. Cute piggy is doing funny actions. Hope your kids will like this...

  • Woofoo Kid Game - Ice Edition




    Woofoo - Christmas Edition is a simple game for kids featuring winter animals and Christmas characters making funny sounds and doing funny actions. Fairy Angel will wish you Happy New Year with her magic wand, Santa Claus will wish you Merry Christmas. Play with Reindeer, Forest Owl and...

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