Download Ultimate Baby Gender Predictor Ultimate Baby Gender Predictor icon
    Ultimate Baby Gender Predictor

    The Ultimate Baby Gender Predictor is a one of its kind Android application. It uses an ancient chinese chart to predict the gender of the baby based off the mother's birth date and conception date. It is said that the chart is 90% accurate. I have packaged up the chart in an easy to use application. Done in both Chinese and English translatio…

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    Download Simon Says Rings Simon Says Rings icon
    Simon Says Rings

    Simon Says Rings is a fantastic FREE Android application built with Andengine. This awesome new game provides fun and addictive gameplay.

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    Download Baby Numbers Flashcards Baby Numbers Flashcards icon
    Baby Numbers Flashcards

    Baby Numbers Flashcards is perfect for that child of yours. Babies get to learn the numbers 1 to 10 through looking at flashcards. Parents or guardians of the baby can easily teach the baby numbers. Flash cards are a great method of teaching babies of all ages. The pictures in this application are cute and cuddly and show the baby how they can use…

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    Download Super Piggy And Cow Super Piggy And Cow icon
    Super Piggy And Cow

    This is a Live Wallpaper with a piggy fending off flying cows. It features: - Special effects when piggy fends off cows - Touching of cows to shoot them off screen - Setting of day and night times so the background changes accordingly to the time of day - Setting of gravity - Setting of the number of cows being shot at the piggy

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    Download Fire Ring Live Wallpaper Fire Ring Live Wallpaper icon
    Fire Ring Live Wallpaper

    Fire Ring Live Walpaper consists of a fire ring that moves automatically around the screen. The user can control a small flame by touching the screen or using the accelerometers on the device. The Fire Ring gets bigger if the small flame is placed close to the centre of the Fire Ring. Features: - Colours of both Fire Ring and small flame can be ch…

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    Download Fruit Dodger Fruit Dodger icon
    Fruit Dodger

    Fruit Dodger is a fun and addictive game. Simply control "dodge" and dodge the fruit. Getting hit by fruit results in the loss of a heart. More hearts can be collected during the game and they top out at sixteen. Test out your skill in Fruit Dodger and get the highest score. No ads appear on this paid version. Have fun!

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