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Download Balance Ball Labyrinth Free Balance Ball Labyrinth Free icon

Balance Ball Labyrinth Free

A classic Labyrinth game in which you must direct a ball through a maz...

Free | 6.6 890

6.6 Users
Download Sliding Block Puzzle Sliding Block Puzzle icon

Sliding Block Puzzle

Try to get the goal block through the opening on the board by moving t...

Free | 7.4 508

7.4 Users
Download QuickTip Tip Calculator QuickTip Tip Calculator icon

QuickTip Tip Calculator

A simple tip calculator that allows you to specify the total bill and...

Free | 8.2 420

8.2 Users
Download Quick Random Number Generator Quick Random Number Generator icon

Quick Random Number Generator

Generates random numbers based on a given range. Great for randomly ch...

Free | 8 428

8 Users
Download Barrel Boomer Barrel Boomer icon

Barrel Boomer

Tap the screen to launch your ball from barrel to barrel as you boom y...

Free | 7.2 166

7.2 Users
Download Wooly Billy Wooly Billy icon

Wooly Billy

The long lost cousin of Wooly Willy and suffering the same, help Wooly...

Free | 5.6 155

5.6 Users
Download QuickSave Discount Calculator QuickSave Discount Calculator icon

QuickSave Discount Calculator

Out shopping and see an item on sale? Quickly determine how much you w...

Free | 8.4 102

8.4 Users
Download Stargazing Log Stargazing Log icon

Stargazing Log

Stargazing Log is the best way to track all of your astronomical obser...

Free | 7.6 99

7.6 Users
Download QuickWage Salary Calculator QuickWage Salary Calculator icon

QuickWage Salary Calculator

Want to know how much money you are really making(Before taxes)? Use t...

Free | 6.2 75

6.2 Users
Download QuickUnit Price Comparer QuickUnit Price Comparer icon

QuickUnit Price Comparer

Easily compare the unit prices of two different sized items. Simply en...

Free | 7.4 31

7.4 Users

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