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Balance Ball Labyrinth Free

A classic Labyrinth game in which you must direct a ball through a maze of obstacles in order to reach the goal. The ball is controlled by tilting your device and you are timed on each level. Contains 54 different static mazes that can be played in both directions. Contains 10 animated mazes. These mazes have obstacles and actively move, which yo…

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Download Sliding Block Puzzle Sliding Block Puzzle icon
Sliding Block Puzzle

Try to get the goal block through the opening on the board by moving the other blocks around, controlled by touching the screen! Contains the 14 original puzzles, 50 small puzzles, and 50 large puzzles! 114 levels total! Track your best time and lowest amount of moves for each level.

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Download QuickTip Tip Calculator QuickTip Tip Calculator icon
QuickTip Tip Calculator

A simple tip calculator that allows you to specify the total bill and the percent you wish to tip. Also allows you to split the bill between a specified number of people.

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Download Quick Random Number Generator Quick Random Number Generator icon
Quick Random Number Generator

Generates random numbers based on a given range. Great for randomly choosing things. Need to decide who goes first? Pick a number and let the Quick Random Number Generator decide for you! Generate as many random numbers as you need at the same time!

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Download QuickSave Discount Calculator QuickSave Discount Calculator icon
QuickSave Discount Calculator

Out shopping and see an item on sale? Quickly determine how much you will save and what the final price will be after applying the store's discount with QuickSave Discount Calculator. Enter the original price of the item, and the discount percentage to calculate your discount and the final price! v1.1 -Added numeric keypad

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Download Wooly Billy Wooly Billy icon
Wooly Billy

The long lost cousin of Wooly Willy and suffering the same, help Wooly Billy get the hair he desperately needs! Draw different hair designs onto Billy's head, save them, and load them again later to edit or show your friends! You can also use the eraser to fix your mistakes! v1.1 - Fixed crash when pausing app

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Download Stargazing Log Stargazing Log icon
Stargazing Log

Stargazing Log is the best way to track all of your astronomical observations! Enter your Telescopes, Eyepieces, and other astronomy equipment into the Equipment Manager, and log all of the sightings that you make. The application can save the date, object type, object name, notes, and equipment that was used when making the observation. Browse y…

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Download QuickWage Salary Calculator QuickWage Salary Calculator icon
QuickWage Salary Calculator

Want to know how much money you are really making(Before taxes)? Use the QuickWage Salary Calculator to quickly find out how much money you are making per day, week, month, year, and what you will make in 5 and 50 years! Simply enter the wage you earn and the time frame you earn it, and the salary calculator does the rest

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Download Barometer Widget Barometer Widget icon
Barometer Widget

Barometer Widget uses your phone's Pressure Sensor to keep you updated on the current atmospheric pressure at your location! Tracks the current pressure, the pressure trend(if it's moving up or down), and displays whether the pressure is high or low with the color of the text! Widget is updated every 30 minutes. Capable of displaying the…

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Download Bright Charge Bright Charge icon
Bright Charge

Use your device's notification light to display the current charging status of your battery! This service will display how full your battery is while it is charging by changing the color of the notification light. Red means the battery is low, and as the battery charges, the light will transform up the color gradient to green! When the batter…

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