• Mnemonic Major System




    love is 58, moon is 32, dog is 17, memory is 334... Do you know the trick behind this? The Major System is a powerful mnemonic technique to memorize numbers. You need to invest some time to use it comfortably, but after that, you can memorize all sorts of numbers, such as phone numbers,...

  • Mental Math Free




    Become good with numbers. Practice makes perfect! Let's enjoy mental math and train your brain! Features - Times Table Training(1~99!) - Useful tips to simplify difficult math problems and exercises to use them. - Four arithmetic operations training in three difficulty levels - "Hide...

  • HabitStar




    Record your activity level with the number of stars. You can check your recent activity levels with a colored calendar like table. Use three stars as the following: ★ : Worked, even if only slightly ★★ : Worked normally ★★★ : Worked hard! The purpose of this application is to support to form...

  • Flash Cards




    (Import from Dropbox is not working now....) A free Flash Cards app. To improve your vocabulary or memo your favorite lines. Features +Organize flash cards with Tags +Import cards from SD card and Dropbox +7 type of sort +Card Search Sample flash cards "Countries and Capitals" and...

  • xPiano Share




    * From the version 0.1.11 (March 5th, 2014), I changed the way to connect to the server. Please let me know if you have still connection errors. Thank you for your help. A file sharing program for xPiano+ and xPiano. You can upload files you created and download files other people created....

  • xPiano+




    xPiano+(xPiano Plus) is a full-featured piano application. +5 octaves piano keyboard +128 instruments (Piano, Organ, Strings...) +Adjustable piano keyboard width +Multi Touch(Android2.1~) +Record & Play +Configurable Keyboard Shortcut +8 songs to play and more with xPiano Share +MIDI file...

  • xPiano




    A Piano App. +4 octaves piano keyboard +12 instruments +Adjustable piano keyboard width +Multi Touch(Android2.1~) +Record and Play +2 sample songs to play xPiano+, which has 5 octaves, 128 instruments, more functions and more songs, is available, and actively updated. Check [View more...

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