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Midnight Cinderella:Otome Game

In a twist of fate, you've become the princess of your country. Your first task? Choosing your prince. And the palace is full of ikemen - hot guys! Will you pick the sassy knight? The icy duke? Your seductive palace tutor? The mysterious king of a neighboring country? Midnight Cinderella is a love simulation/otome dating game filled with gorgeo…

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Destined to Love: Otome Game

■A Notice to Android Users There is a possibility that the game will not function properly after updating to Android 6.0. As we are currently working to fix any bugs that may appear with this update, we ask that users put off updating their devices for the time being. We will post an announcement once we finish confirming the compatibility of the…

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Moonsong Mystery -NAZO-

Enter a theater of wonder and find yourself surrounded by puzzles. Is it a story or a puzzle solving game? NAZO features an amazing world drawn by top Japanese animation studio STUDIO 4℃, and a tale about the moon and its accompanying puzzles constructed by editorial engineer Seigow Matsuoka. "Story" (Read/Watch/Listen) "NAZO (Puzz…

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Download Room Escape Game~Onsen~ Room Escape Game~Onsen~ icon
Room Escape Game~Onsen~

The purpose of this game is to break out of the room. This room which you challenge is onsen. It's made from high-quality mystery and high-quality graphics!! Let's enjoy!!

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Kazuko Hosoki LiveWallpaper

This is the good-luck charm wall paper presented by Kazuko Hosoki. It shows the proverb bringing good luck and you can download it for free.

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Download AKB48RinoSashiharaMyGirlfriend AKB48RinoSashiharaMyGirlfriend icon

What if Rino Sashihara of AKB48 was my girlfriend!? The long awaited Rino Sashihara finally appears on the popular short drama series [My Girlfriend], which spread from a cell-phone site. “That’s not how it is in reality…” The usually talkative Sashiko hangs her head in silence… Witness a side of “Sashiko” never seen before, which is unlike her u…

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AKB48Rie Kitahara MyGirlfriend

What if Rie Kitahara of AKB48 was my girlfriend!? The long awaited Rie Kitahara finally appears on the popular short drama series [My Girlfriend], which spread from a cell-phone site. “We should go, just me and you…” “The couple seat is fine with me” What is the “sacred place” Rie wants to take you to? Just two of you in the movie room... G…

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