Cyril Savageland

  • Fly Carrot Fly!




    Try to maneuver the flying carrot through the gaps between the pipes by tapping the screen. Can you beat your friends?

  • Super Stickman Zipline Dive




    Try to let the stickman dive safely into the water, and avoid the buildings.

  • Pong! Multipalyer




    Play the classic pong game with your friends!

  • Guitar Chords Library




    With this app you can look your guitar chords!

  • Potatonator 1




    Try to get the potatoes back that the carrots have stolen! Pick them up and avoid the evil carrots. Pick up a powerpotato and kill the evil carrots!

  • Not So Scary Maze!




    This is not the well known scary maze game, but a not scary version with no scary pictures popping up. It is the first version, so if you find any bugs, leave a comment please!

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