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Destroy all the bricks to pass phase and enjoy the spectacular visual effects in this clone of the famous game Bricks Break were so popular in the 70's and 80's and that you can carry in your pocket everywhere. There are two control modes ball: Classic, where the bounce angle depends on the point of impact on the racket (steeper as more fa…

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Download Turbo Car Racing Turbo Car Racing icon
Turbo Car Racing

Crosses a thousand kilometres up to coming to the goal in Distant City. You start on a highway with heavy traffic and weather forecast is bad, then you will have to cross a road riddled with tunnels , bridges , and two-way street where you have to take special care with oncoming traffic . Some drivers claim to have seen a UFO in the area,Keep your…

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Download Turbo Car Race Turbo Car Race icon
Turbo Car Race

In the first stage will have to be alert to oncoming traffic and the bridges over the river winding road. The second stage is a highway where you can relax a bit before reaching the stage where an icy mountain road can make it difficult to maintain control of the car. The fourth stage is run at night, poor visibility can be an added difficulty. Som…

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Download Space Bugs Attack Space Bugs Attack icon
Space Bugs Attack

The space bugs have landed on your home world. Only you, armed with a plasma cannon, can prevent the invasion. Destroy the worms before they can be transformed into the beautiful but deadly butterflies. Spiders and centipedes try to make it work harder. A Space shooter with the spirit of the old arcades. Enjoy it.

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Download mini SOCCER mini SOCCER icon

You like soccer, we know. With mini SOCCER fast you can play games anywhere, subway, bus stop, waiting for your girlfriend to dress .... Run, shoot, dribble ... and brand! Turn your mobile device into a stadium and become the new soccer star. Enjoy it.

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Download Hanoi Cakes Hanoi Cakes icon
Hanoi Cakes

Welcome to the sweeter version of the well know puzzle Tower of Hanoi in the market, also know as Tower of Brahma or Lucas' Tower. The rules are simple: - Only one cake may be moved at a time. - Each move consists of taking the upper cake from one of the tray and sliding it onto another tray, on top of the other cakes that may already be prese…

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Download Chess Mem Chess Mem icon
Chess Mem

A simple mechanism and a not so simple solution. Try to remember the position of the chess pieces on the board. Will you be able to complete the last level?

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Download Bubble Shooter MACHINE Bubble Shooter MACHINE icon
Bubble Shooter MACHINE

Connect three or more bubbles of the same color to eliminate them. Be careful with white bubbles, you have to make them fall eliminating bubbles around. You have three types of joker balls that will make your job easier: Iron balls: They cross the foam by removing any bubbles in its path. Rainbow Balls: Acquire the color of the first bubble they…

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