• Paratrooper




    Avoid enemy troops destroy your base. Use your cannon to eliminate helicopters and paratroopers. Watch the bombers do not catch unsuspecting. The classic shooter PC game Paratrooper, also called Sabotage, now for Android. Lefty Friendly: You can invert the controls for a left hand play.

  • Blackjack 21 free




    Welcome to the Casino! Sit at the table and relax. Make your bet and play. You have five buttons in the table to play blackjack 21: HIT: Request a new card. STAND: Finish your run and will do his banking. DOUBLE: Doblas the bet and one letter asking for more. SPLIT: If you are dealt two cards...

  • mini SOCCER




    You like soccer, we know. With mini SOCCER fast you can play games anywhere, subway, bus stop, waiting for your girlfriend to dress .... Run, shoot, dribble ... and brand! Turn your android device into a stadium and become the new soccer star. Enjoy it.

  • Archanoid DEMOLITION




    Archanoid Demolition is the version for your android device of the famous game Arkanoid or BreakOut - Brick Breaker how popular were in the 80's and 90's. Destroy all the bricks to pass phase and enjoying the spectacular visual effects. Archanoid consists of 100 levels. You will have...

  • Space Shooter: Bugs Attack




    The space bugs have landed on your home world. Only you, armed with a plasma cannon, can prevent the invasion. Destroy the worms before they can be transformed into the beautiful but deadly butterflies. Spiders and centipedes try to make it work harder. A Space shooter with the spirit of the old...

  • Chess Memory




    A simple mechanism and a not so simple solution. Try to remember the position of the chess pieces on the board. Will you be able to complete the last level?

  • Slots Las Vegas




    Feel at Las Vegas with the new Fruit Slot Machine, uses advances for new awards and accumulated bonuses for playing in the casino where plus get attractive prizes await three exciting games: GAME OF THE SHAKERS: Follow the shakers with the view and do not miss the delicious cocktail containing....

  • Turbo Car Racing




    Crosses a thousand kilometres up to coming to the goal in Distant City. You start on a highway with heavy traffic and weather forecast is bad, then you will have to cross a road riddled with tunnels , bridges , and two-way street where you have to take special care with oncoming traffic . Some...

  • Hanoi Cakes




    Welcome to the sweeter version of the well know puzzle Tower of Hanoi in the Android Market, also know as Tower of Brahma or Lucas' Tower. The rules are simple: - Only one cake may be moved at a time. - Each move consists of taking the upper cake from one of the tray and sliding it onto...

  • Turbo Car Race




    In the first stage will have to be alert to oncoming traffic and the bridges over the river winding road. The second stage is a highway where you can relax a bit before reaching the stage where an icy mountain road can make it difficult to maintain control of the car. The fourth stage is run at...

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