• Insect Freecell (Beetle&Stag)

    Insect Freecell (Beetle&Stag)




    Playing cards of stag beetles. You can play freecell. It is a card game app just a simple freecell. It is a high score combo is generated by placing the home card in succession. It not only clear, let's aim a high score. You can see a large image of the force insects in the insect gallery....

  • Dinosaur FreeCell ver1.02

    Dinosaur FreeCell ver1.02


    Playing with dinosaur designs, and FreeCell card game. Games for playing alone. Please refer to the help rule. Dinosaurs in the gallery, you can view information such as name of the dinosaur era length.

  • Japanese calendar convert

    Japanese calendar convert




    This application is a tool to convert A.D to the Japanese calendar year. Both of them are used in Japan. In Japan, when the Emperor changes, the Japanese calendar is also changed to the new one. It has been changed for 250 times since 645 A.D. The Japanese calendar in 19th century has started...

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