Daily Studio

  • Memory




    Memory is an application will help you to remember everything is your daily life, such as device boot, mood, application usages, network status, favorites locations. It will use these collected memory pieces to analyze and give you more and more advice to improve your life. Currently, there are...

  • Memory Mood




    MemoryMood is a plugin application for Memory. It will help you to remember your daily mood and draw a chart of you mood in a specific period. ** NOTE **: Because it is a plugin for Memory, you should install Memory on your device:...

  • Memory Where




    Memory Where is a plugin application for Memory. It will collect your daily locations and analyze some hotspots where you will usually stay in, e.g. Home, Workplace etc. After it recognize your hotspots, it will track and summarize time you spend on these spots every day. ** NOTE **: Because it...

  • Memory Application




    Memory Application is a plugin application for Memory. It will help you to manage your applications efficiently. It will track your applications' usage and installation histories. It will know what kind of application you will like, and even give you some advice when you want to remove...

  • Accounting Assistant




    Accounting Assisstant provides various of functions that would be used in our daily life. First supported function is Salary calculator of Overtime working.

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