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TheMoon is a FREE daily Hijri calendar showing the phase of the moon for each day. The Hijri date can be adjusted in accordance with moon sightings for the local area, and the time of the appearance of the Moon from after 12:00 (at 13:00) to after 23:00 (at 00:00). TheMoon has an accompanying widget, which can be installed on an Android Home Screen…

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Moon Month

MoonMonth is a daily Hijri calendar showing the phase of the moon for each day as well as full month view of the current month. Contains a widget showing the current date and moon phase installable on a home screen. IMPORTANT: The Arabize ON/OFF Preferences Option should be set to OFF on deviceshaving an Arabic Operating System software, otherwise…

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Financial calculator: investments, loans, mortgages, funds, annuities, and anything that grows with time with graphs and tabular schedules. Computations can be named, saved and loaded. Schedules can be sent by email directly, and schedules and graphs can be saved to the external storage (SD card) for emailing as attachments, or for any other purpos…

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BodyShape shows graphically the body contour shape, given the height and width at waist, and shows instantly by color when the width at waist exceeds the minimum or maximum limits for the given height (too fat or too lean). The height and width can be in inches and centimetres. The optimal ratio of width at waist to height is based on the Human Bo…

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DaysCalc calculates the number of days, and Years:Months:Days between two dates, or an earlier or later date from a given date by the number of days, or Years:Months:Days.

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FullMoon shows you the phase of the moon for each day, as well as monthly calendars from year 9998 before the Hijra to year 9664 after the Hijra. And it shows special events (holidays, occasions, etc) for each day of each month of the year, like Eid ul Fitr, Eid ul Adha, and 127 other events, which you can delete and edit, and you can add events of…

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