• Accounts and Passwords Saver

    Accounts and Passwords Saver




    Basic app for saving Accounts and/or Passwords. Uses a master security password to keep all of your data safe and secure.

  • Basic Calculator

    Basic Calculator




    Calculator that does basic functions such as: Add, Subtract, Divide, Multiply, Square Root, Square, and Percent.

  • Binary Converter

    Binary Converter




    Convert binary numbers and vice versa

  • Animals





    Animal pictures that can move around the screen. Touch them to hear their sound.

  • Multiplication





    Basic app to practice single digit multiplication problems.

  • Decimal Into Fraction

    Decimal Into Fraction




    Convert decimal numbers into fractions and vice versa.

  • Learn Sight Words

    Learn Sight Words


    Basic app to help learn or teach sight words. Choose from over 200 sight words from Preschool-3rd grade.

  • Quadratic Equation Calculator

    Quadratic Equation Calculator


    Simple calculator for finding roots using 2 coefficients and a constant.

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