• Cal Fit Class Times

    Cal Fit Class Times




    Class Times for California Family Fitness with a basic filter. Same information you can get from the public calendars online. Tried to make it simple to change locations. Not as pretty, but hopefully not as laggy as the "other app" ;) .......... This app is not affiliated with...

  • Accounts and Passwords Saver

    Accounts and Passwords Saver




    Basic app for saving Accounts and/or Passwords. Uses a master security password to keep all of your data safe and secure.

  • Basic Calculator

    Basic Calculator




    Calculator that does basic functions such as: Add, Subtract, Divide, Multiply, Square Root, Square, and Percent.

  • Binary Converter

    Binary Converter




    Convert binary numbers and vice versa

  • Animals





    Animal pictures that can move around the screen. Touch them to hear their sound.

  • Multiplication





    Basic app to practice single digit multiplication problems.

  • Decimal Into Fraction

    Decimal Into Fraction




    Convert decimal numbers into fractions and vice versa.

  • Learn Sight Words

    Learn Sight Words


    Basic app to help learn or teach sight words. Choose from over 200 sight words from Preschool-3rd grade.

  • Quadratic Equation Calculator

    Quadratic Equation Calculator


    Simple calculator for finding roots using 2 coefficients and a constant.

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