Dan Schroeder

  • Drunk Driver




    Play the classic "Drunk Driver" drinking game on your phone. Have Fun, Drink Beer!

  • Grenade




    Frag, Semtex, Flash, C4, Molotov Cocktail, Pipe Bomb, Plasma, and Nail Bomb Virtual grenades.(Hit menu for sensitivity) -Pull Pin by jerking phone straight down. (pretending to pull pin) -Throw with a nice hard overhead throw. **C4, Pipe Bomb & Plasma have no pin, just throw

  • Beer Word (Drinking Game)




    Beer-Word is a drinking game on your phone. Great for parties It will give you a word, Then it will call a random person and block your number. You must get the person to say the word without saying it yourself. If you can everyone drinks. If not you drink

  • Red or Black (Drinking Game)




    A simple and fun drinking game to play with your friends. Guess the suite of the next card. Get it right your safe. Get it wrong you have to drink. Update: Massive UI improvements thanks to FreshExpression.com

  • Grenade Launcher




    Blow people away with this virtual grenade launcher. To Fire: Jerk phone straight back. "Menu" to change sensitivity !!COMING SOON: Lob grenades at different angles and distances. Thanks again to everyone for tolerating ads. -update: App can now be moved to sd card.

  • IBU Calculator




    Calculate the hop bitterness of your home-brewed beer. Currently calculated using Tinseth's formula. Geared toward whole hops and full wort boils. More updates coming to expand these options. --"Menu button" to clear

  • High Or Low (Drinking Game)




    Guess if the card is high or low. Fun Drinking game to play with your friends.

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