Daniel S. Paiva

  • Dinofauro Tradutor dinofaurês




    App muito util para traduzir textos para a lingua mais antiga da terra. Dinossauros agradecem.

  • Fart Sounds With Motion Sensor




    Fart Simulator Sounds With Motion Sensor Think of a funny joke! Put your device in someone's pocket and let it make the fart sound! You can try touching the buttons as well. Only high quality sounds. Be aware that it will make you and your friend burst into laughter =D haha

  • Body Massage - Vibration thera




    Body's Massager (also called vibratory massager, vibro-massager, vibration therapy) is a type of massage based on the use of mechanical devices for vibration therapy, which pass vibration onto the body surface that is being massaged. Your cellphone can help you with your headache, neck or...

  • Southparking You




    Simple app to south park yourself. This version has only one face. Soon, you will be able to take any picture and change the face. Also, for next build, you will be able to talk to the character and it will talk back to you in a funny voice.

  • Local & BatteryTemperature




    With this application, you will easily be able to get the temperature of your current location and the temperature of your cellphone as well without any click!!! This is right! No clicks, no configuration. All you need is a cellphone with internet or GPS and let the application figure the rest....

  • Read it To Me TTS Text Speech




    Read it To Me Very simple and nice text to speech application (If your device does not have TTS Data installed, it will prompt you to install. Only a very small fraction of android devices does not have it already installed.). Type the text, choose the speed and pitch and you are good to go. The...

  • Próximo feriado




    Esta aplicação mostra quando o próximo feriado é e quantos dias até ela. Nunca pergunte ou pesquise para o próximo feriado de novo. Basta abrir este aplicativo e você terá aí. Muito, muito em breve, vou adicionar os Países, Estados e Municípios.

  • Kids Animal Quest Match Sounds




    Kids Animal Quest Match Sounds Animal Quest for Kids A game for kids to play and learn about the sounds of the animals and match with the images. It has several animals. Very intuitive for kids and they will love the sounds =)

  • Sudoku with symbols & letters




    Sudoku with symbols & letters This is Sudalfa - Sudoku with symbols & letters. It is a new way to have fun with the well-know game of numbers - Sudoku, but instead of numbers, we use letters and special symbols. If you like Sudoku, you will love Sudalfa. Please, let us know what you...

  • CPU Finder




    Would you like to identify your device CPU's processor? This App does that and much more! It will easily identify the processor's architecture, features, revision, etc. Now you may easily determine this information and more all with one concise (256kb) and FREE App!

  • The Ultimate Memory Utility




    The Ultimate Memory Utility Have you wandered how is your memory doing? It is not just about memory size. There is much more on memory than you can image. Check it out! Before, I would only care for total memory and available memory. On android, just like on linux, there is much more on memory...

  • The Best SIM Card APP




    I was searching for a good SIM information app and they all looked just overwhelming to me. Therefore, here is a SIM app that has just what one needs. The basic!. Enjoy this free APP. Be aware that some Operators do not store the NUMBER on the SIM card. It is not a bug!!! :)

  • Complete WiFi Information




    All the information you need to know about your WiFi. Here you will see your IP address, MAC, SSID, and many other WiFi items you did not know. Thank you for downloading this free APP.

  • My Phone Sensors - Find out




    Have you every wondered if your cell phone had sensor or detector? Gravity, acceleration sensor and so on? There it goes! Now you can. A sensor (also called detector) is a converter that measures a physical quantity and converts it into a signal which can be read by an observer or by an (today...

  • Whip - Motion Sensor Whip




    Whip - Motion Sensor Whip Whip uses your device motion detector to know it is falling or being shaken. It will play a whip sound. Please, keep in mind it is FREE. If you have any question, email me. A sensor (also called detector) is a converter that measures a physical quantity and converts it...

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