Daniel Velazco

  • Bedside




    Bedside is a background service for when you are sleeping. It allows you to keep all the annoying notifications at night, while at the same time monitoring for phone calls and text messages from your loved ones, or if necessary, from work. It also includes a customizable Daydream that shows...

  • Emergency Alert for Wear




    Utility application for Android Wear. Installs an app on your watch to be able to send an emergency alert message via SMS to a pre-defined recipient. The Android application allows you to configure the phone number of your predefined emergency contact, as well as the option to send your current...

  • Tinfoil for Facebook




    **THIS IS A WRAPPER FOR FACEBOOK'S MOBILE SITE, IF SOMETHING BREAKS ON THE SITE, THERE ISN'T MUCH I CAN DO.** Tinfoil for Facebook is for those users that require a Tinfoil Hat when logging in to Facebook. It creates a sandbox for Facebook's mobile site in order to protect your...

  • Display Brightness for Wear




    Very simple application that uses the coarse location as well as the Google Play Services activity detection API to automatically set the display brightness on your Android Wear. This is only necessary for watches that don't have an ambient light sensor. Sunrise and sunset times are...

  • LEDs Hack (ROOT ONLY)




    **ROOTED PHONES ONLY ** This app will let you disable the trackball, top & bottom LEDs. This will help if you use your phone as a night clock. * Flickering/notification issues? Read intro! * Supported devices (depends on the ROM you are using as well): - Motorola Droid/Milestone -...

  • Pebble AutoSilent




    Very simple application with a broadcast receiver that listens in whenever a Pebble watch is connected or disconnected from the phone. If the watch is connected, the phone's ring mode will be set to silent. Otherwise, it will be restored back to normal. Only use this application if you only...

  • MusicSleep (Demo Version)




    Now you can listen to music while going to sleep, and you can set a timer for the music to stop playing. It supports the Default Music Player, HTC player, Pandora, Spotify, Slacker, G Listen, Lastfm, TuneWiki, Streamfurious, Rhapsody, DroidLive, RockON, Doggcatcher, MixZing, Imeem and more! *...

  • 5.0





    RealSilent mute the media volumen on your mobile device when you change the ringer to silent

  • MusicSleep (sleep timer)




    Now you can listen to music while going to sleep, and you can set a timer for the music to stop playing. Supports many music players. It simulates the Headset buttons, so make sure your favorite music player has that enabled. The new version uses touchscreen gestures anywhere within the app to...

  • AutoAP (Auto AP on Wifi)




    ** Warning: This will NOT work on Android 4.2 and up. Google has removed the ability for 3rd party applications to toggle airplane mode. ** Battery-friendly background app that will automatically enable Airplane Mode when successfully connected to a Wifi network. Useful for users that have a...

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