Daniel X Yu

  • Zeemote Remote Mouse




    Turn your JS1 game controller to a remote mouse for pointing, web browsing and doing presentation. It has mouse click, drag functions for browsing the web. In addition, it has a fast forward/backward function that a normal mouse doesn't have. Note:When the JS1 controller is idle for a period...

  • GoesThere


    Do you want to know where your love have been? Do you want to record the place you have been and the time you have been spent in those places? GoesThere is the solution. The small program can track these activities. It can run in the background without the user's notice. It can also run in...

  • NeuroZoom




    Use your brain without any movment or touching to Zoom Google map. Now you are not just joystick/button controller. You are in the role. You realize whatever you think. (Please allow some time for GPS connection and Neuro signal calibration for first time use and connection.The status signals are...

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