Darjan Djamtovski

  • Dota Build Guide




    I'm not the creator of the Dota scenario, this is just a Guide to show the players how to play the game. All the graphics of the heroes are property of the Dota team. This is just a fan made Guide to help the Dota players while playing the game. This application can help you improve your...

  • Workout Timer + Fat Calculator




    Workout Timer is the best android application that makes your training easier. Also the users who have android 2.2 and higher can move their application to SD Card. Now the application supports offline mode(that means you can turn off your screen to save more battery), that means that you can...

  • Djamto Bridge Calculator




    You are a bridge fan ? Have you ever played with your friends outside and you've forgot pencil or paper to write the score ? Are you lazy to calculate the score ? With this application you don't have to bring pencil or paper, you only need to have your mobile phone. This application...

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