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  • Random Facts 25,000+




    We now have over 25,000 facts! We've also added updated the widget! Get your facts on your homescreen or your lock screen to get your daily dose of factuality! Click on the fact to load the app, then star it and share it with your friends on Facebook! (Lock screen widget requires Android...

  • Yo Mamma Jokes




    The best Yo' Mama Jokes app on the market, use it even when you have no data connection! Send your favorite jokes to your friends, or add it to your favorites list. **Now with facebook sharing! Now you can go directly to your favorite joke by clicking on the counter and entering a number!...

  • Shakespeare Quotes




    Download Shakespeare Quotes Today! Includes the most famous quotes from William Shakespeare. Send your favorite quotes to your friends via text message. kw: william, shakespeare, quotes, shakespeare quotes, william shakespeare quotes, famous quotes, famous, shakespere, william shakespere, famous...

  • Confucius Say...




    Confucius Say, The funniest Confucius Say jokes around. Contains dirty jokes... kw: joke, jokes, funny, fun, Confucius facts, Confucius jokes, Confucius sayings, Famous Confucius sayings, Famous Confucius Quotes

  • Einstein Quotes




    Download Einstein Quotes today! Includes many popular quotes from Albert Einstein. Send your favorite quotes via text message!

  • Aristotle Quotes




    Aristotle Quotes, Only the best Aristotle Quotes. Share your favorite Quotes via Text Message.

  • Phobias




    Get Phobias and check out a comprehensive list of phobias from all the way from Ablutophobia- Fear of washing or bathing, to Zoophobia- Fear of animals. Learn a new phobia randomly in Random View or look at all of them or search for a particular one in List View. Send your favorite phobia via...

  • USA Facts




    Interesting and amazing facts about the United States. kw: united, states, facts, us, usa, usa facts, the unites states of america, facts about the united states, america facts, facts, america, popular facts, popular united states facts, random facts, random united states facts, random usa facts,

  • Score Keeper




    Keep track of scores in games! Great for sports, card games, and anything else you can think of!

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